Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Color, Ellie, and blog it out.

Today we are going to learn about color. Here is some clay. 

I don't think happier words were ever spoken to a creative, crafty person. #squeal 

In order to color someone's locks you have to understand color. It's a simple as Roy G Biv. ;) 

Yes. It brought me great joy to make a color wheel. I'm a nerd like that. 

This week we worked on making hair darker, or lighter. Although we are not using real color at this point, it feels so wonderful to be behind my doll and do hair. It's like all is right in the world, and I am where I am supposed to be. It's a very magical Dorothy/OZ type of feeling! 


Candace and I also got to see Ellie Goulding last night. I can honestly say that it was a crazy night. Drunken fights, broken bloody noses, lesbian love charades. And that wasn't even the main act! I will never understand alcohol. I can be around those who have been drinking with no problem. Most people I know drink 100% responsibly and are normal. The folks last night however, cray cray Z!!!! 

Ellie is an amazing performer!! So talented!!! Her voice is hypnotic! 

My friend Kirsten sent me this today. I loved it:) I appreciate how my friends look out for me! And think of me! 

Jason and I snuck in a mini date tonight. Burgers and Walmart. #stayclassy. We came home to this. The driveway was now a canvas for chalk art and we had to park. Here. ;) 

Many posts to come! Can't wait to share my homework with you!! I got to make my own color wheel! And let's just say Pinterest was involved;) 

Xoxo~ Alli 

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