Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, well, well....
Here is the low down on our little family!
Jason is still mowing, which is slow going! The crunch of the economy is really hurting us this year! He is trucking along though! He is also working nights for a cleaning business. He is the cutest janitor around town:) He is quickly moving up in the company! He spends the day with the kids and then we switch around 5:30pm. I come home and he leaves til 12-1am or so. It sounds horrible, but we are making it work.
I am still working @ Key Bank. I transfered branches about a month ago. El Dorado. Fancy huh? Eagle and Overland is where it's at. It is half the distance to State St. Although I miss my hommies! Shout out to JENN, ANDIE, ISAAC, and BROCK! Bff's forever! Right? ;)
I have also had the chance to be the Key Toon. What? It's the bank's mascot! A big, red, soft key with googly eyes! It is the funnest thing ever to do! I am already a little whacked in the head, so cover my head and put some giant shoes on me and I am like a bull in a china store! NOBODIES OFF LIMITS! If you are lucky I will post pictures!
The kids are all healthy! What more can you ask for? The girls ears/hearing seems to have fixed it's self. Along with lot's of prayer and a good doctor! Graden has recovered from RSV well, and his more recent scrapes! As long as they are not with the law! :)
Hope you are all doing well! Peace out!

Woot Woot!

Geeeeeezzzzz! I finally got a clue about blogging! I put the kids to bed and dug into this like it was nobodies business! Do you like the template? I thought it was cute, and I was just glad it worked! I am going to give an update on another post! Weeeeee! I am so excited! Thanks for the push Laura! :)

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Graden's wrestling practice