Thursday, April 30, 2009


Bubba had his 1st day of speech therapy (I am now going to call it ST). The ladies name is Jennifer and she is SUPER cute. Graden is pretty shy, so getting him to say anything will take a while. She tried to watch him chew Fruit Loops but he was not interested. We are going to try carrots next week. She then had him point out several things, people, actions in a book. I was shocked at what he knew. When I asked the level that he finally ended at it was a 3 year 11 month old. There has never been a doubt he was smart, he just chooses not be talk about it :) !!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My lazy chewer...

Who knew? I took Graden in for his 2 year shots and check up. In the questions the Dr was asking it turns out the dude has a speech delay. It is not a surprise to us. He has a very limited vocabulary and signs the other part of the time. He is very stubborn and gets his point across any way he can. But this was the really interesting part. She asked about how he chews his food? I was taken back and had to think. Then it came to me that at least a few times a week he spits food back onto his plate, or in my hand. Carrots, meat, tough bread, basically, he is a lazy chewer. Which is also a sign that his jaw and mouth muscles are not developed. He also has his mouth open a lot. He has a somber face. It's something we have all laughed about! Ooppss! I am not worried. He is still on medicaid and they pay for speech therapy. It is just crazy how you put things together when a few specific questions are asked! He is a trooper! Before you know it I will be posting about how I would pay money to have him quiet!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Graden's 2nd Birthday!

This was last week at the park! Just a little picnic after preschool!

The girls played catch with Dad FOREVER! I think his arm was getting warn out!
Kudos to my wicked streamer skills!
I always try to put pictures up of the kids at their birthday! This was Graden last year!
You know it's a KILLER party when a BIKER GANG shows up!
My Aunt Jen got Graden these squishy guys! HE FREAKED!
My boys is growing uPPPP!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I have to share. This has been a pretty great pregnancy so far. No daily puking for me. :0)
OK, I took the kids to Settlers Park today. We met my sister Julie and the boys she nannies, Chase and Grayson. I felt ok. I was just STARVING. I had a huge water and some nuggets from the glorious Golden Arches. (It sounded good)....hind sight is 20/20 right??? I started feeling kinda yucky and tried to prepare my kids for a quick departure. It was also the warmest day, already around 70' something at noon.
At this point Julie is trying to wrangle my kids for me and I am having a conversation with my stomach pleading to let me get home before I was going to loose it.

My options.....

1. Make a dash for home. ETA: 5 minutes But this involves all three kids becoming perfect angels and floating to the van with no complaint.

2. Go to the PUBLIC BATHROOM. Ok, I am not a snob, but a public restroom? Nope.

3. Julie's idea. There are garbage's everywhere. Uh...Hell no.

Well, you know what they say, "beggars can't be choosers?"

I slowly started walking............

(STOP......while writing this vivid tale it actually made me sick so this is the next day I am finishing and posting it)

...........I slowly started walking to the restrooms about 20 yards away (I have no concept of distance, 20 yards just sounded good, either way it was FAR!)

My slow walk became a bit more brisk and before I knew it I was RUNNING with my mouth covered by my hand.

That restroom was so far away at that point I.... GULP swallowed my PRIDE and choose Julie's option. Yep, the TRASH CAN!

I just want to publicly apologize to that poor Meridian Parks and Rec professional who at some point that 80+' day had to change that garbage can liner. I also want to apologize to the nice lady and her two kids that walked by as I was heaving into a small cut out in the rubber-maid lid.

Ok, gross part is over! Whew! Here is the funny silver lining!

I promised myself and Jason I would not get as sick as I did with Graden. I know, that's a hard one to keep, but Graden nearly killed me. Ask my neighbor Laura. Anyways, first thing this morning I called my OB and requested a prescription for ZOFRAN. It's a high powered pre-chemo drug to prevent nausea. I was on medicaid when I had Graden so all I could get was Promethizine. Not bad, just not as effective. The nurse tried to pull the old "vitamin B6 and half a unisom" trick. I quickly informed her this was not my first rodeo and she called in the goods! IT'S A MIRACLE DRUG! I was back to normal within hours. This is the crazy part. My ins. covers 15 pills every 30 days and my copay is $10.00! THANK YOU! I thought I would ask how much if not on ins............generic...........15 pills for $367.00.........brand name.......$647.00
We have great insurance now I wanted the good stuff. And I will just have to pick my days that are the worst to take them!

Sorry this was so long! I just feel great and want to blog the crap out of it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Topsy Turvy

That's how I would describe my life at this moment. Why? Some of you already know, but this November Jason and I (more me than him, but I don't want to leave him out because he had a part in this...) will be adding a new warm, snugly, cute baby blue to our clan. I KNOW I AM CRAZY! That is what you are thinking I am sure! Yes, it was planned. Yes, we are finding out what the sex is. No, I have no preference as to a boy or girl. And yes, I feel like crud! I have few complaints. Jason has cleaned, cooked, fed, and allowed me to nap, done laundry and NOT COMPLAINED. Well, not too much:)
We have had an exciting month. The girls turned 5! The training wheels came off! We met the Easter Bunny! And Jason is growing a beard. (no !)
I have not felt like blogging so here are some pictures I have taken over the last month. Enjoy!

My FIVE year olds!

Natalie is the only 5 year old I know that received a Topsy Turvy for their birthday! She loves tomatoes so much I am going to have to grow them this year!
This was the girls party. It was the 2nd or 3rd day I had really not felt ok. But the party must go on. UGH! Strawberry Shortcake ofr Taylor and My Little Pony for Nattie!
I love this picture because Natalie is totally telling Jason how to take the picture! LOL!
Aunt Jennifer is the cake decorator extraordinaire!
No, not 55! Just 5!
This goes into our Easter weekend! Lot's of fun!
Yep, no training wheels! They got new AWESOME big girl bikes that still had training wheels, but we decided to take the TW's off the little ones to see what would happen.

What the crap? No Easter baskets???? What is wrong with this Easter Bunny? Oh yeah, he has a case of morning sickness! Lol!

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice