Thursday, June 30, 2011

ToOt ToOt~~~

That is the sound of my own horn. Cause I'm tootin' it! We met our Trek families for mutual last night. Jason and I had delivered cookies the Sunday prior to introduce ourselves. The kids were all delightful. There were only two boys that were not home. At mutual we were to make our family flag for during trek. It's to identify your family. We also have blue bandanas. We also had to make a verse to The Handcart Song. The guys actually worked on that and did a GREAT job. They came up with this for the first verse:

Then the chorus is: (this part is the same for everybody)
For some must push and some must pull, As we go marching up the hill;
So merrily on our way we go, Until we reach the Valley-O.

As for our flag, I really had no idea what we were going to do. So we went to Walmart and as I looked at some fabric I had a great idea. I was a tad intimidated. Mostly because some of the flags I had seen prior were incredible. But I presented to the kids and they loved it. We cut out all the pieces there and I came home and started hot gluing. (I bought iron on fabric glue and it did not work. Why I stray from hot glue I have no idea. It's a gem every time!)

The people/handcart are all hot glued on. Then for the letters I used Heat n Bond. I cut out letters with my Cricut. I am so proud of the way it turned out. I put our names on it with a fine tip marker and then added some detail.
I know it is probably over the top, but it makes me happy. The work was minimum, and overall I think the kids will love the flag.
Jason and I are in front of the flag. We are the host family for Bishop Berg and his wife. They will make camp with us and eat with us if they want. We are to also include them in family activities.

We have been collecting our supplies. And to our surprise we actually had a majority of what was needed. The clock is ticking and we are so excited to go! We also have a big family reunion the week before, so July is going to be crazy for us!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hi. My name is Alli. I am sarcastic.

Hello Alli. Welcome to the SARCASM support group.

I can be snarky. I am not sure at what point in I decided that being sarcastic was a good life choice. I would like to say that I was born this way, but I don't think the Lord installs the ability to give somebody a good tongue lashing. Over the years I have honed in on my skills. I primarily use them for good and not evil. Although sometimes I can feel somebody creeping under my skin and the one liners start compiling in my head.

I would like to say that being sarcastic is a fault. But really I am blessed to be quick witted, and light on my feet with my words.

My friend posted this picture on FB and I had to steal it. It made me laugh. I was still in bed with a full bladder and thought I better hold off on posting it till I was, you know, emptied!

So have a good laugh on me. And have a happy Wednesday!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

2 pigs and a dog.

Well good day to you! Thanks for stopping by!

My allergies have been so killer this year. One night last week I used an entire roll of toilet paper just blowing my nose. BOO! But I am feeling better!

If I looked how I felt this would be it:

Not sure what was up with Graden.

And there is no excuse for this! :)

We hit the Meridian Dairy Days Parade this year again. It was fun and the kids got a TON of candy. (oh joy)

Our friends the Robertsons were in the parade! I am so glad they saw us! They were walking with the adoption float! Look at how DARLING Ashlyn is! Serious??? I could eat that girl up! Sadly, Collin's dad passed away the next morning. We are so sad for their family. He was a wonderful man.

Every summer my wedding ring shrinks. Ok, my finger swells to the size of my thumb. It kills me not to wear it, but it is humanly impossible for me to get it on. And if I do squeeze it on, I would have to call 911 to get it off. And they would have to use the Jaws of Life. No way. So each summer I treat myself to a new wedding band. Come on! $6.88 at Walmart and I have a new ring and a green finger by the end of the summer! This was my pick this year. Way more realistic than the 3 carat whopper I picked last year! hehe!

Now on to the MOTHER OF A LIGHTNING AND THUNDER STORM from the other night! Jason and I sat on our porch and watched. One of the thunder's scared me sooooo bad I flinched and nearly pulled every muscle in my neck! IT WAS HELLA SCARY YO!!!

I would like to name this the Second Coming Cloud. Cause you betta be on yo knee's prayin' somewhere when this bad boy rolls into town again.

Yep. He's mine.

We have had time to spend with the Browne's. Oh blissful joy! We have enjoyed Candace's MIL's pool. NICE!

And this is what happens when you do not communicate with your spouse. You end up with two Guinea Pigs and a dog over the weekend! I agreed to babysit my sister Jennifer's pigs for a couple of weeks while they travel to New Mexico. (Not the Old Mexico like my girls thought). Rocco and Jack Jack are fun to have! (Odorless I may add!!!)

And Jason agreed to watch the Hazen's dog Meeka while they go to San Diego for the weekend! My kids are in HEAVEN! It's all going very well so far. Meeka is really chill and so are the pigs!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nuff' said :)

Although for just a visit, my heart seems fuller with her here.

Thank You Heavenly Father for my CanDance.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Genious {Not me, I sure stole the idea}

A friend of mine posted on FB how her kids were loving a new method of doing chores. So of course I had to ask......

It's basically a bowl or jar with folded up chores that they pick randomly. So has been 95% awesome. We are working out the kinks as we go! It has chores like sweep the floor, wipe down the table, pick a window and wash it, put laundry away, mop, and some special ones to like wrestle dad, 5 minute break, sing a song....etc... They get a star bursts for each chore they do. (not for the fun or silly ones though) I put some harder ones in there today. Taylor had to sweep and mop, and Nat had to clorox wipe each toilet. For those I made them worth 2 starburst!

Graden's slips are green and at his level. I am lucky to get him to do anything. So he has to vacuum, put toys away, etc... He does not like starbursts either so he get's another treat!

The road bumps we have hit are if one get's done faster than another they get more slips, therefore more starbursts. DRAMA. So tomorrow I am going to give the girls their own color. I hope that helps. Nat also got the two fun ones today as well, and that did not go over well! :(

So far our summer has been pretty darn clean! And I like it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sew awesome!

My MIL is SEW awesome! When she came for Spring break she was working on the most
a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. skirts for her grand daughters. She picked out the fabric that she thought
would best suit each girl! The style she picked for my girls was RIGHT ON! I loved it! Well,
she finished up and sent them in the mail this week! Nat & Taylor were so excited to open
the package! It even had Graden and Burke's name on it too! (They got fruit snacks and
smarties! Thoughtful for them to not be left out!!)

Sunday!! They were dazzling in their new skirts! And the best part??? They TWIRL! Like really twirl! Like I had to tell the girls not to twirl at church cause people could see their undies!!!
The skirts look like they were purchased they are so professional! Teri is a methodical
seamstress! (Although she is scoffing right now!) TAKE THE COMPLIMENT MOM!

Well, she ain't the only one that can sew in this family!! Totally joking! I just thought I
would hem the girls jeans into shorts for the summer! My sewing machine does some really
cute stitches! I did several designs! This was just one of them! ( do twins, who
share pants get holes in the right knee only in EVERY pair we own??) Let me know when
you think of the answer!

I am thankful to have such a giving MIL. She is wonderful about sharing her talents with her
kids and grand kids! We are blessed to be her family! Love you Teri! (Is this not better than
being in the list of my blessings??? You got your own post woman!!!!) ;)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Negative Nancy

Or Debbie Downer. Or Wanda Womp. Or Alli Blue? Nah......

I decided somewhere along the way that life is too short to worry about things you have no control over. That does not always stop me from trying, but I generally have a pretty firm grasp on my reality.

Instead of listing all the things that I want to pull my hair out over, I thought I would list all the things that bless my life. (And of course not ALL of them, but the ones that come to me. Or before Graden wants lunch. Whichever comes first!!!)

  • My marriage.
  • My children.
  • My faith in the gospel.
  • Jason's job.
  • My kids have insurance.
  • Chex Party mix and Diet Pepsi.
  • This warm day.
  • My new neighbor I met today.
  • Faithful Friends.
  • Laughing at Denny's.
  • Volleyball (even when hit with the ball).
  • Netflix.
  • My sisters.
  • Judy.
  • Creativity.
  • My no soliciting sign.
  • My iPhone.
  • Candace and the kids coming for 2 weeks.
  • Jason going back to school.
  • My kids' teachers.
  • People in my ward.
  • My calling.
  • Trek.
  • Health.
  • Reality TV.

Well, this is just my short list. I have many more. I know sometimes it's hard to see the good when all you feel is bad. But it's there. Just have to open your eyes, and your heart to them!

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice