Friday, April 30, 2010


A few Sunday nights ago we took the kids to Tulley Park. The weather was so nice. I know that may be "non-kosher" for some families to do things like this on the Sabbath, but nothing is more sacred to me than spending quality time with my honey and children. We don't just sit and watch either. We are those crazy parents that are swinging just as high as the little ones. (Which in turn made me violently motion sick) :)
Piggies at the Park

Spider Swinging

Natalie and Daddy

Taylor and Daddy

Just the girls

Taylor sneaking loves in on Burke.

Graden was there to. This is a perfect example of how independent he is. He is totally content to play alone. Sliding, climbing, whatever. What a sweet soul.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Graden's Party~

We had a BBQ Birthday Bash last Saturday for Graden. G'ma Blue, Grammy, Dilgards, Frogleys, Gaubys, Luchinis, Robertsons, Morris', and a buttload of kids all came to party! It was really fun! Here are a few pictures of the bash!

The Main Squeeze

The kids outside trying to find Cowboy (our bunny).
Some Chit Chat....

The Creepy Chef.
My BIL Jeffery Wayne.

The decorations and some more chit chat
(adults are so lame)

OpEnInG the GiFts
RAZOR from G'ma and G'pa Blue :)

My ghetto robot cake.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

One for Jason

After Jason read Graden's birhtday post he said...

"what about the mowing picture last summer?"

I guess that is one of his favorites? ;)

Graden loves to mow and trim just like Dad. The other day Graden had swung his small plastic mower and trimmer up over the edge of Jason's trailer. He placed them right next to the big mower. I know it was a very proud moment for Jason. Too cute!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Years~

Three years ago today I gave birth to my first son. He and I had a special conversation in the hospital. It went something like this:

Graden~ You are my sweet boy. Some day you will go on a mission. I miss you already.

It's funny to think I was thinking of his mission, 19 years ahead of time. But my heart ached thinking of him being gone for two whole years. Then I thought of the Lord and how much He must miss this boy that had just left him. That it may be 90 years before they see each other again.

There is nothing like having a son.

Here are some thing Graden will give me the chance to be, if not already in his 3 years with us.

~Covered in blood. (Done)
~Teaching somebody to "aim" in the toilet. (Done)
~Playing with race cars. (Done)
~Having a daughter in law. (So excited!)
~Being passed the Sacrament by my own child. (Tearing up now!)
~Explaining why girls are just like that. (Maybe in 14 years.)
~Helping Daddy give us Priesthood blessings. (Once again, tearing)
~Overcome with emotion reading your letters from your mission.
~Jealous of your relationship with Dad. (BFF's)

You are more than I ever expected Graden. You are named after a great man, and have big shoes to fill. But you are on your way!

Happy 3rd Birthday son! We love you to the moon and back!

Graden John Blue
2 weeks old

Our first family picture as a party of 5.

One of my all time FAVORITE pictures of Jason and Graden. Looking out the window to the world before we took him home.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I know you're in there..........

First off I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all my loving friends who have shared advice and love in the comments left about or "situation".

Here are some things I am going to try:

*Putting a note on the door for times we are home, but not available. This seems to be working.

*Talking to her parents about the rules and expectations of my home. They can like it or lump it.

*When she is here, being as kind as welcoming as possible.

*Giving my girls options. Rather than just making them come in, say that they can all play in the back yard or "..." has to go home.

*Relaxing. This has made me so sick over the past few weeks. And to be honest, in the big picture, this is a mole hill.

My Aunt D'on (Teri's sister) gave me some good advice from a different perspective. She reminded me of "..." side. She has nobody to play with at home. It may be the highlight of her day to come over to our home. A home where the Spirit dwells, where there is laughter and structure. Where the Mom cares where her children are. And who knows, may she does care, but I would not know. She plays soccer on a team, so I know they are involved in the community. I just wish she were involved in the neighborhood. And I have met her, once. She was nice. And seemed attentive.

In the mean time, I had a COS party to do on Saturday afternoon. My Mom babysat for me. Before I left we had lunch and the doorbell rang. I nicely told her we were eating lunch and if she saw the kids out front later she could join and play. (My Mom is aware of what's going on, and has given me some of the best advice.)
When I got home she said that it had been no more than a few minutes after I left that she came and rang the doorbell. My Mom knew who it was and was in the middle of cleaning and did not answer it. She said it rang probably another 20-25 times, one right after the other. Then when my Mom peeked around the corner.......She was peering through the window. It really bugged ol' Judy:) She did let her in and they all played in the backyard. When my girls were done and wanted to come inside my Mom said that "..." had to go home. "..." pressured the girls to stay outside, but they were done, and reluctantly she went....where ever, I'm not sure.

I always need to keep in mind that SHE is a daughter of our Heavenly Father. And HE loves her.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I seriously need some advice. We are going through some "growning pains" in our family and at this point I just don't know what to do. SO PLEASE.... leave me a comment on how you feel, or what you do, or your rules growing up.

So the story goes....

One of the very first days we moved in to this house I overheard the girls talking about this neighbor girl that was going to come over after school. I was like???????????? I did not know who they were talking about. They said she lived down the street. I guess they knew her from the first few days of school. She is a first grader. Several times over the next few months she came over and asked to play.
1. I didn't know her.
2. I didn't know her parents.
3. I was super prego.
4. I was not comfortable with the girls out front, and then having to keep track of Graden.
5. Her parents don't know me, or my husband, or my home. (We could be crazy). Shut it.
6. She is un-attended outside and has the run of the neighborhood. (I have seen her riding all around the block, sometimes with headphones in, totally unaware of her surroundings).

Come to find out she and her Dad our in our ward. I believe her mom is not a member. She is an only child. I feel as though I have been pressured to somewhat be-friend her by certain people at church. So I have. As the weather has gotten warmer and the kids want to be out front and riding bikes, drawing with chalk, just enjoying themselves, she has come by. I am always VERY nice to her. She has enjoyed the company of my kids, and they hers. The girls went to her birthday party in March. And I have let the girls play at her home (less than an hour tops). It has gone from once a week, to almost everyday RIGHT after school the doorbell rings. Or as soon as I drive up in our drive way, open the garage and unload everything.....RING! I feel as though we are being swooped down upon. I have told her that the kids cannot play. Sickness, Sunday, dinner time, bath time, you name it. But she just stands there and looks at me. Then I shut the door, while she is still standing there. I feel really bad, but totally annoyed at the lack of boundary she has. I truly do not know what to do next.

I have set rules for my girls. Helmets, sidewalk, no food, stay outside, etc....I had my sister Julie watch the kids for an hour or so yesterday. They were all playing outside. I told Julie the rules. She said she watched as she kept asking for the girls to go get a snack. (If she were actually hungry and I felt as though she was not eating, I would feed her). (Not the case). Julie finally said something, and then she whispered again. Julie told her to go home and eat. She came back with a cinnamon hard candy.

Did your mom ever tell you that "three's a company, but two is a crowd"? Well, when it's with twins, one of them is ALWAYS the "crowd". So when they play it's a lot of drama. I feel like a gerk, making the girls come in when I have finally heard enough. It seems like when they are all together the talk gets sassy. (mind you my girls ARE NOT ANGELS). But in know the difference.

Please help me. To tell you that I am heart broken about this is an understatement. I feel trapped in my home, unable to enjoy the front yard, without everybody else joining in.

What do you do? What are your rules? Should I talk to her parents? HELP??????

PS.....I put a note on our door that says, "sorry, no playing today" cause I just cannot handle it. And it's beautiful outside. Sigh.....

Saturday, April 10, 2010


~Five months old~

Dear Burke.
I love you.
You are such a good baby.
I admire your resilience to your siblings.
Your ability to catch my eye and smile.
The way you talk to your hand.
I really want you to know that we are so happy to have you in our family.
I feel honored that you chose to be a Blue.
As the days and months go by I cherish those days I had you all to myself at the hospital.
But, it would be selfish not to share you!
I love you little Bieber.


Friday, April 9, 2010

I suck

Burke is 5 months and 4 days old and I have yet to do his post! I am doing this as a reminder! POST YOU DING DONG! (I mean with pictures)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sping Break and Easter

So I am not sure about you, but we spent our so called "Spring Break", trying to stay warm, and cleaning up barf. It was not the funnest week for our family. I am glad the girls were healthy for their birthday the week prior. Taylor actually managed to not get sick which was nice. Graden and Natalie were not so lucky. I never felt good all week, but avoided any major down time. Here are some pictures of our week.

Not your usual Spring Break attire, but for Idaho, what do you expect?

Here is Burke and Daddy. I think the major beef between them is volume. Jason can be loud when he plays and it freaks Burke out. But here they are on the same page!

These are the hands of Burke and my Uncle B0b. (September's Dad). I just thought it was sweet. The gnarley old hands of a carpenter and the sweet soft hands of a baby. It made me think of Christ, and Jason's uncle Rick the just passed away after battling Colon Cancer. Uncle Bob has cancer too. Bladder cancer. He is doing well. We have his back!

These are the annual "color coded eggs" for the hunt at my sister Jennifer's house! The kids have such a blast and she does such a good job for the kids!

Check out this YUMMY salad my Aunt Jen (September's mom) made! SLURP! I think I had 8's. Not just 2nds!

My sweet boys 1st Easter Egg Hunt. He had all the tiny eggs. I had the girls get them!

Taylor's bum!

Nattie finding eggs!
Graden just played the entire time. I had to find his eggs!
Noah (right) and Dallas (left) found the SUPER eggs! The gold one had $10 and the silver had $5! Pretty cool!
Caitlin and Burke
That night we took the kids to Meridian Lanes to bowl. It was fun! We shared a plate of greasy fries and a rootbeer!
On Sunday we dyed eggs. The kids had fun.
Here is my love bug.
I had the Gauby kids hide the eggs around the house for my kids to find. They had a blast!
Here is Burke after his "post lotion slather".
No words. None.

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice