Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2oo8

We had another awesome trip to the PuMpKiN PaTcH this year! Here are the pics! Enjoy! (Thanks for helping out this last week Teri!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sorry i've been cheating on you!

Ok, there's no lipstick on the collar, but there is FACEBOOK in my FAVORITES! I am behind the times, much like my procrastination to blogging, but I started a Face Book! I love it! I already have 47 friends! It's amazing to see how many people are using that to network! It's been a long time since I have posted! I will update!........

The time has finally come that I got to quit working! I am so glad! That is not even really the right word either.
I feel like I have been running a marathon for the last year. I just want to collapse in my bed for a week and start all over!
I try not to dwell on the things I have missed. Graden was 6 months old.....the girls 1st year of preschool.......Ughhhhh...... I could cry!
So instead of dwelling on the negative... here are the BEST parts of my year at work! Top ten style~

10. Actually got to blow dry and style my hair each day!

9. Got to see the most amazing sunrises on my way to the State St. branch!

8. Had the chance to kill everybody in a bowling competion for Junior Achievement!

7. Was most often leading tellers in referral goals!

6. Realized what it's like to be away from my kids all day. (Daddies have it kinda hard)

5. Made my co-workers LAUGH on a daily basis. (my saturday night live impressions are RIGHT ON THE MONEY)

4. Had a first hand look at the pressure of supporting a family.

3. Was able to be an example to my peers.

2. Balanced a job, calling, motherhood, and being a wife! Whew! Hard work!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pizza and Pottery!

I love mutual! I totally get into the activity! Tonight we went to Jan McArthur's house to make pizza and make some pottery! I have made pizza before, but the pottery was new to me! I love it! It is hard! It looks really easy on tv. So graceful. But you gotta put your back into it! Jan had to get me centered more than once, which is a metaphor for our life... :) I had a very fun time! I made a small cup thingy and some cursive initials. I cannot wait to try it again! :) PS..... I know it is not all about me..... the girls had fun too! Great fish Tiffany!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Great Idea that Worked!

I live by a To-Do list. I make one out almost everyday that I don't work. Laundry, dishes, store, whatever. Well, I got up this morning and we had a lot to do. I wanted the girls help which is like pulling teeth. DING! This is a light bulb moment! I got out my cute pad of paper that I got for my birthday(the girls are not allowed to use it, it would have been gone months ago!). I called Taylor over and asked HER to pick 5 chores that she would like to do. I wrote them out with little to no probing. I drew a picture next to it so she would remember what it was. At the end I asked what the reward should be. She wanted to walk to the park.(it was actually nice today so that worked). I repeated the process with Natalie.
Yes, there was some wasted time, but for the most part they crossed off or X'd each item as they went!
I fixed lunch and then we headed to the park!
Thought I would share! They loved it cause the chores were their ideas! Woot!

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice