Friday, February 25, 2011

{Greetings and Salutations}

The truth: I have been depressed lately. It is much easier to deal with now than when I was younger and could not articulate my feelings very well. I am wise enough now that when I feel it coming I tell people to avoid falling all the way into the whole of despair than is constantly lurking around the corner for me. Winter is by FAR the worst time for me. After the holidays, cause I can put my mind to work for those. Something to be excited about. But after Christmas I usually start to slide. I like to consider myself a "high functioning" mental case. Most on the outside I am sure see a busy Mom, a happy camper of sorts. But over the years I have mastered the art of the "happy face".

I was hit with some major-ish family "blek" kind of news in January. I spun out of control a bit. I keep all my "baggage" all tidy and kept away and every now and again I get tipped Topsy turvy and it all spills out. It takes days or sometimes weeks for me to gather all of it together again and regain my footing. I am thankful for family and friends and Jason who helped me greatly this time. I'm feeling much better now. Just longing for Spring and tan lines! ;)

So I have taken pictures and need to blog them. My kids are my anti-depressants. Staying in bed for days like I did as a teenager just does not work when you are the Mommy. So here are my all their glory!

Over the past month or so we have~

Taped our eyebrows up and laughed!

Had a "romantic" family dinner on Valentines Day!

Got some fun Valentines!

Went to the wards family dance! Very fun!

Had some McDonnies~

Played at indoor park.

Goofed with Mom!


Made friendship bracelets~

Tried dipping for the 1st time!



by numbers!!!!!

Went to the library!

And crashed!
So as you can see that although I struggle with depression, the Lord has placed in my some times dark heart, RAYS of magnificent light~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did you think I died? It's funny how blogging works for me. Sometimes I just get burned out. But it's usually because I have nothing to say. But this time I think I have so much going on on my head that I am not sure what to say! Shocker! I want to be really honest this year and open up, but once you open things you cannot always put them back. Now I am talking crazy so I will end this post. I will sort through my thoughts and post more later! Maybe ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I will buy you lunch if you can tell me what is missing in this picture! A friend posted it of me on Face Book. Lunch as in Costa Vida, or McDonnies, or whatever you like that will not break the bank!

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice