Friday, July 31, 2009

15 inches later........

From this........

and this......

one more.....

To this.....

Oh my!

She didn't!!!!

Crazy lady.....

OH SNAP.....

TO THIS........ approx. 15 inches later!!!!!


Thanks September! (She did this after running 17 miles this morning!)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

House Update

Ok so you have all heard about our house drama. Well I told you about the house with our property management company. We had put a deposit down on it and had not seen it. (They had minimal pictures of the inside on the site) I KNOW...CRAZY! But we were feeling desperate.

We got to see the house today. The current tenant let us come by and see it. GUESS WHAT????? It's freaking perfect for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me get the complaints out first.........

1. The counter tops are mauve. Really? Who thinks that looks good!?

Ok, that about sums it up!

There are two living areas, nice carpet, no carpet in the dining room (we have that now), fire place, large master, storage in the garage, and lot's of other things we liked!

I will post pictures once we are settled and it's "cute"!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lil' Guy Update

I had my regular appointment today with my OB. He of course was so glad to hear that my "other" appointment had gone so well. I wanted to be able to tell him how upset I was about the pamphlets I had gotten in the mail. Long story short I told him what had happened and he was appalled. That was never the intention for the other ultra sound. He apologized up and down a million times. I am really glad I said something. I felt a tons better after getting that off my chest. He reassured me that he knows the baby is healthy and strong! I am thankful Heavenly Father has given me the ability to speak up in crappy situations. It was awkward, but in all reality I am paying him a LOT of money to be my doctor. I should have nothing to feel bad about! So there you go!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

s u m m e r

I was sitting in my room the other day and I just stared at Natalie. She looked so beautiful. Bed head, jammies and all! So, I took her picture!

This is Taylor that same morning. Once I make my bed, which is right after I get out of it, even if Jason is still in it :), the kids know it is off limits. She just begged me to watch a show on it! She looks all cozy and chocolatey brown with her tan skin!

Are you freaking kidding me?????? Right when Graden's nose starts to heal, he gets hit by a door at a business we were at. The skid mark went all the way up his fore head.

As Seen on TV! The new belly tray! It takes 9 months to arrive and comes in two colors! Blue or pink!


My mowin' Boys

I saw Jason chasing something in the back yard along the fence. When I came out it was a little field mouse! He was sooooo scared! So I had to catch him!

Then I let him out! Just back into the yard! Or maybe your yard!!! jk!

This is a picture of our scary mouse catching faces!

My new helper! Graden likes to put the silver ware away for me. He get's it all in the right spots and everything!

This is supposed to be a smile!

Hope you are all having a great summer! It's more than half over! We headed to Oregon for a week! We need this break more than you can imagine! We are going to Gma and Gpa Blues house! Wrestling camp, Cousin Camp out in the back yard, Tie Dying shirts, going to the COAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel very blessed to be able to take this little trip to see Jason's family. They are such a HUGE blessing in our lives!

Trust me......a ZILLION pictures to come!!! Love ya!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heart Felt Thank YOU!

For all of you who have commented either here or on Face Book, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your kind words. Part of me wishes I would have spoke up sooner, cause a lot of you have gone through this before! But at the same time, I really had so much in my brain I was unable to process the possibilities.

I told my Mom that this appointment had become some sort of block for me. I was in quicksand. I was just barely keeping my head above the sand. I think no matter the outcome, it gave me the momentum to move forward.

Along with all this baby stuff, Jason and I have been getting ready to move. The house we are renting now is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage (if you had 2 Geo Metro's!). We were preparing to move in to a BEAUTIFUL home in the Paramount subdivision. We were really excited! But have you ever seen something all "shiny" and really wanted it? Not really being able to afford it? Or even affording it, but it would have squeezed everything else out? That's what this house would have done. We had to let it go. Which was a monumental task for me all in itself.

Jason and I had prayed about it, got advice from his Dad, thought about it, and really listened to Heavenly Father. The next morning I checked the website of our property management company (for the MILLIONTH time in the past few months) to see if they had any larger homes in our budget! And wouldn't ya know! A 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage for almost the same rent as here was opening up for the end of August. It is .2 miles from a great Elementary School (Chief Joseph). We were able to put a deposit down and it is ours!

I am just so thankful for all the blessings the Lord has POURED upon us like a rain storm! Thanks for thinking of me and the baby. We are doing great! I am not worried about the outcome.

Lot's of love......

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chubba Bubba!

This is our newest nephew EASTON RYDER WALDRON.

I just want to squish him up with kisses! (I am a little baby hungry!)

Congrats Val, Jayson, Ella~Bella, & Clayton!

See you in 8 days!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Omitting the TRUTH......


Jason and I have been omitting the truth the last month or so. Please don't take offense. It was just more than we could handle and worry about.

At my 20 week ultra sound when we found out it was a boy I did not see my Dr. It was a nurse. She had mentioned that there were a few "things" in the ultra sound that raised no concern, they were just little curious. One would be a calcification on the babies heart. The other would be enlarged kidneys. (the tubes were measuring 4mm and 3mm is normal)

Later that day the Dr called and went over the appointment. He re-told me about the "things" and wanted to refer me to a Maternal Fetal Medicine Dr to have another ultra sound.

(Mind you nobody has told me anything about what these "things" mean)

The next week I get a mailer with directions and two pamphlets. One is about GENETIC BIRTH DEFECTS and the other is for DOWN SYNDROM. As it turns out these two "things" are markers for Downs. So as I was thinking this was just another ultra sound, it turns out we have an appointment for an ultra sound, doctor consult and genetic counseling. Basically to determine for Downs.

As you can guess this ROCKED Jason and I. I feel like I have had sand in my brain for the past couple of weeks.

Today was the appointment. The babies kidneys are totally normal, but the heart still shows a calcium deposit. There will be no developmental or functioning issues with the heart. It is a marker for downs. One of THIRTY FIVE. We have a 1/1000 chance of a having a baby with Downs. We are entitled to have and amnio, but the risk of miscarriage is greater than having Downs. Basically they said there is no reason for us to worry.

We have a 99% chance that the baby is perfect. But it's crazy that if you gave me those odds of winning the lottery I would be jacked, but when somebody says you have a 99% of a healthy baby, it's not good enough.

Jason and I are not having an amnio. We are going along with this pregnancy as we did before all this. Healthy baby, no need to worry.

Sorry we did not give you all the chance to pray for us, and fast. It was just such an overload.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roaring Springs 2oo9

I posted these all backwards. Sorry. We took the fam~damily to ROARING SPRINGS Friday. We all had a blast. But by these 1st pictures, Graden was done!!! He made it for almost 4 hours though! We swam, floated, slid, ate, laughed, squinted, burned the bottom of our feet, lounged and had a great time!!!! Nobody got a sunburn either!

Melt down when he was too little for the next slide!!!



The "Farmer" and his kids! (lol)

Collin and Tonya showin of their goods!

Collin, Jason and the girls drag racing on the big slides!

Too close to call between Jason and Collin!

My WACKY family!

This is at Columbia HS wrestling room. We went to see some of the boys!

Taylor is ALWAYS at Jason's side.

We also took the kids to a Rodeo Parade last weekend. It was cool to see all the horses. The kids like the tiny ones!

I am not sure how "Tough" these little ponies are, but you gotta give them a hand for this!!!

Hope you enjoyed my backward pictures!!!

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice