Thursday, February 26, 2009

His New Best Friends and RASCAL FLATTS!

Graden, my dear tough, sassy, rugged, sometimes moody, always loud, son has found his first love. (Other than me of course)!!!! ;) That would be Cars. Monster trucks. Transformers that turn into trucks or cars. Things with tires. AND HIS SISTERS DOLL HOUSE! W~H~A~T~???
He likes to drive his trucks right thru the darn house!

Major chaos!

Watch out for the ravaging Dinosaurs!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Hey now, even RedNecks wash them there trucks! Even if it's in Mama's tub!

(and Ex-Mrs. Nick Lache)

GNO!!!! (girls night out)
Alli and Tiffany skipping out on mutual for a concert! REBELS!!!

Joleen texting her sweetie!

The beautiful Heather and Joleen!

Ok. So I really wanted to see JS. I have always liked her. UNTIL...... she and her.....ex...... announced their divorce on Thanksgiving morning. The Thanksgiving I was going to make my own turkey. I gave that turkey a good once over in butter. Grrrrrr!

She wore, or I guess they wore her, these SUPER short "daisy dukes"! And that was her opening song.....she was not wearing boots! WTH??????

Here is RF. They were AWESOME!!!! So very talented. And they seem really nice. Like good guys. The best part was that they used actual local people for their band. Bass, guitar, drums, piano. All local. And they were wicked rad!!!!



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

It was warm enough today that we took the peeps to the park! I am so lucky that Jason has a flexible schedule and we are able to do things as a family! He found this totally radical pink helmet at Goodwill! Then he headed to Walmart and got a pink bat and pink soft balls! He is such a good Daddy!



Woot woot Nattie!

Help from the handsome Coach!

Sawing batta batta!

Atta GIRL!


Poor Graden. He also had to rock the pink helmet and bat!!!

LOOK AT ME !!!!!!



Saturday, February 14, 2009

i hEaRt yOu.....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

sEnIoR nIgHt 2oo9

Hello hello.
This is a montage of pictures over the past week or so.
The first are of my very cute prego friend Tricia. This is baby #4 for her! Can't wait to meet Darcy or Brody! xoxo

Nattie and Taylor took advantage of a light snow fall yesterday!

These are the pictures of Senior Night at Centennial HS. It is a special night for the boys who will graduating this year! They are presented with a Senior shirt and their parents are given flowers. Over the past 3 years Jason has been with the Patriots and assisting Collin, we have grown to love these boys! Here are some of the fun moments of the night!

The ever handsome Coach Blue

This is Mark. He is one of our favorites! He was escorted by his little sisters! He is a great kid!

(okay, here's the deal. CHS has choir students sing the national anthem. the majority of the time it is....ok. i could not resist snapping this photo of the girl who sang tonight. the patriotism of her ????ensemble????)

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice