Thursday, November 1, 2012

October's out.....

October went really fast!  It was really busy, and I take pictures on my phone, DAILY if not hourly, so I thought this would be perfect documentation! 

Still love doing my Scentsy thing!  
There was great fundraiser for Julie.  It was at the Lift on State St. in Boise.  Lot's turned out and thousands were raised.  It was amazing because the people that put this on, really did not know Julie.  
I contributed this pumpkin for my table about the Gaubys.  That was my job!  And photographer!  

Part of me will always be 12 and love writing with Crayola Markers :)  It's my preferred medium.   

I was talked into going to the Haunted Woods with some of my crazy friends.  We took these spooky pics before the walk!  Julie Shepherd looks like a ghastly ghost behind us! 

I didn't have time for nightmares when I got home.  Burke started throwing up at 3 am and continued to do so on the hour until 8 am.  It was lovely.  Not.  This is him watching Mickey Mouse Club House at 5 am.  It was a long night.  I traded with Daddy at 8 and then woke up before church so he could take the Biggies with him.  Little and I stayed home! 

Saw this sunset on the way home from my sisters.  Great reminder of being loved by Him.  

Next victim to fall to the flu.  Graden.  I guess warming up his man parts helps him feel better?  Ya, I'm lost too.  

All were perked up enough to paint pumpkins for FHE.  Minus Daddy.  He was at class, hence the non-carving year.  Was not about to tackle that one alone! 

This is when I puke.  Filling up the tank.  You see why!  Look at my reflection!  I am NOT happy!  I will be voting on the 6th.  :)

The boys and I scouted costumes one day!  Graden found his at K-Mart (Holy throw back), and Burke found his at Walmart.  Both $10.  I can handle that! 

My sweet lady bugs.  

I worked on the girls costumes for a couple of days straight!  

In the mean-time, Face Book was like this for me....

Burke coloring

As a family we went to the Boise LDS Temple  open house.  It was so lovely.  I had a hard time keeping my composure.  It was so touching to be there again after being closed for so long!  I missed it deeply!  The kids LOVED it too!  

We hit the NEW Chick-fil-A after!  It was super yummy!  And the customer service is amazing too!  We will go back for sure!  

I had the girls help with their own costumes on Saturday morning!  

Jason and I had not planned on dressing up.  I have NEVER not dressed up for a Halloween since we have been married.  I was just not into it this year.  So at 4 o'clock he asked if I thought we could pull off the Romney's.  WTH???? I was blonde a few weeks ago!  Wish I had known!  He pulled off Mitt SO WELL!  

Morticia and family~  

Snooki and the Situation 

Mary Poppins and her chimney sweep! 

Cookie Monster!  WHAT???? So cute Laura Beth! 

Got me some bangs~ 

These sweet faces came home in backpacks! 

I made this crazy good Oatmeal Cake from a Relief Society recipe!  
I ate it all. 

Yesterday was Halloween and Reagan Browne's birthday!  Yeah for this sweet 3 year old!  

Andrew Shepherd, and my kids.  Getting ready to Candy Harvest! 

Aunt Julie came with us too~ 

See.  I take A LOT of pictures! 
That is how I capture most of our lives.  I love it.  Our hard drive is a compilation of thousands of pictures of everyday.  

Thanks for stopping by~ 


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