Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blue Turkeys and other funness~

I (I would say "we" but let's get real), had the chance to host Jason's entire clan for Thanksgiving.

His Grandparents Clifford and Audrey Nielsen of Hillsboro, OR.

Parents Graden and Teri of Rainer, OR (or somewhere darn close).

His big brother Adam, wife Keri, daughters Kate and Haylee of Roseburg, OR.

Younger sister Darelyn, husband KC, kids, Keller, Emery, Amelia, and Unice(December)...and that is not her real name. But if you have a suggestion, they are open to them! Of Springville, UT.

And his other younger sister Valerie, husband Jayson, and kids, Ella, Clayton and Easton of Bend, OR.

Can you believe these crazies traveled into the depths of winter hell to have dinner with us? Well, we are pretty cool, so I guess I can! ;)

They arrived at various times on Wednesday. We chatted and the kids played and the majority of them headed for the hotel. On Thursday I put the Turkey in and Teri and I headed to the church. I was able to reserve it for our family dinner! Talk about a miracle! We slaved away while the husbands played with the kids in the gym. Tossed a football and shot hoops. I know the little girls played on the piano in the Primary room. I was in the kitchen most of the time, so I am not quite sure what else went on!

We are your traditional Thanksgiving meal. My mom made the stuffing for us. Cause for me it's not Thanksgiving unless I have her stuffing. She ate with my sister and her kids. (Missed you guys) :(

I had this great idea to have a Minute to Win It game after we ate. In theory it all sounded great in my head. But hind sight is 20/20. I never actually practiced any of the games. So the feather in the air one and the Johnny Applestack one were flops. But the stack the nut one was really fun. Haylee won! (And Adam) We also played This Blows. Where you blow red dixie cups off the table with a balloon. Pretty fun too! The best was the Oreo cookie face one! Everybody played. Even Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen!

The kids swam at the hotel after dinner and then headed back to our house for a wicked rad dance party with BLACK LIGHT AND A STROBE LIGHT!!! Yes please! (This is what we will be getting our family for Christmas!) I think that was the highlight of the adventure!

All the siblings had to return home Friday :( WOMP! But......not before Adam and Keri treated us to TUCANOS BRAZILLIAN GRILL! Um........heck yeah! I done died and gone to heaven! Yeahaaaaaww! I porked down so much food! I cannot wait to go again with our birthday club cards! Thanks dudes!

All in all, it was a wonderful get together! We are all so busy and these gatherings are becoming further and further apart. So goes life I guess.

Thanks everybody for coming! We just love you all so much!

And on that note? I'd just like to end on the Pineapple! (inside joke) :)

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Monday, November 15, 2010


Whooza is the kind of word that sums up the last 48 hours. I am really not sure where to start. Let me roll back about 3 weeks..........(pretend the screen gets fuzzy and you hear charms like in a dream....)

I was asked by my visiting teacher, Stacey Miner, to attend Mia Maids @ mutual that week. She was very vague about why I was coming. I agreed. I love mutual. And Stacey. While I was there she relayed a story about her cousin in Utah. That story can be found HERE. She then uncovered a box that had several copies of JESUS THE CHRIST by James E. Talmage. She then challenged the Mia Maids and myself to read this book. We need to finish by April 6th 2011. (Insert Whooza here) She told the girls that she was not sure why she felt prompted to invite me to mutual and participate in the challenge. I agreed to read the book along with the girls. I went straight to the Craft Warehouse and got super cute owl paper and made each of us a bookmark. I gave them to Stacey at church the following Sunday.


Well actually, this last week. I'm sure so many of you sit and wonder why I never talk about my calling. (not) If you know me, you can insert another WHOOZA here. This last year has been the biggest challenge of my life as for callings go. I'm not going to go into it. I will however go into the best part of my calling. Candace was the 2nd counselor in Primary. We were called the same week. She had a baby a few days old, I was very pregnant. We both thought the Bishop was crazy. But we accepted our callings. It took a few months but we became VERY good friends. Like, take to the grave type of friends. Like, I'll watch your kids even if they are puking friends. Or, I want to tell her a story before Jason kinda friend. These are the friends that are few and far between. And I only have a few. I'm weird with friends. Always have been. We had gone on a GNO to get ice cream Saturday night. Kinda impromptu. We talked about everything. Including how we have come full circle this last year. And the fact that we were actually excited about this upcoming year in Primary. I told her that I try not to think about other callings. Especially Young Women's. :( That is where my heart is.

Now onto Sunday....Hang in there.....I swear this story has an ending.....

I woke up thinking about Sharing Time. Then the phone rang......DUN DUN DUN.......jk. It was Brother Botkin. He wanted to meet with me. (Stomach in throat here) I hung up the phone and ran to Jason. I started asking a thousand questions that Jason had no answers to. When he got here I just sat on my coffee table. Numb and Dumb. That's how I felt. And I think I wanted to barf a little too. :) He released me from the Primary Presidency. (Whooza) Then called me to be the Mia Maid advisor. (Triple Whooza) Remember the start of this story? About reading the book with the girls? And Stacey not knowing why I was supposed to be there? ("spiritual" WHOOZA)

There were a lot of tears at church that day. A lot. Mixed emotions. Gratitude for a Father who knows my heart. Guilt for leaving a friend. Bewilderment for thinking I knew what was a head of me. Excitement for the Mia Maids. I am sure people thought somebody died. Those kinds tears were shed. I just don't think people realize the year Candace and I had. The mountains we climbed and valleys we crossed.

So the moral of this post? I can't remember. But I know that I will go, and I will do the things the Lords commands. I know the Lord provides a way he wants me to obey. ~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"I got'cho back bro~"

There is no doubt in my mind that Graden and Burke will have each others backs in life. Just not like this I hope.

Sorry Dude.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have been putting off this post. Because once I post this, it's a fact. Burke is one. *tears*

In case you noticed I didn't post his 11 month milestone. I think I was in denial that my baby is getting older. I have never been like this with my other kids. But Burke being my last has been hard. Don't get me wrong. I want him to grow. I cannot wait to hear what his voice will be like. Or see his personality develop. I think it's more me. Never being pregnant again. Never nursing a baby. Ugh.....enough about me........


"Burger Butt"

"Mr. Pants" (Jason's nick name for him)
We had a small little party for Burke. Family and the Brownes.

Here is what we got him.

(Mom and Dad: BSU hoodie)

(Kids: Scout. The cute Leap Frog puppy)

Funny story about Scout. He comes with a USB plug to personalize him via your computer. I had to go to Candace's to use hers. I plugged him in and got to work. I thought it would be so cute if Scout would say "Hi Burke". It uses the name often. Well, guess what? Out of the 5,000 names "Burke" is not one of them. WTH????? They had very odd names on there too. I was sooooo bummed! So you can use a nick name instead. They did not have "Burger Butt".....shocking I know. But they did have "Dude". So now when you turn him on he says "Hi Dude, let's play!"

We had deli sammies. Very easy. I hate getting stuck in the kitchen at my own party. So it was build your own, or don't eat!

Candace at the kid table!

He was actually happy to open gifts. Although he was sleepy. The party was at 6pm. And it was the same day as the time change. So really Burke thought it was 7. (Bedtime) He hung in there and did awesome!

His mini cake. That he would not eat. Only shove. Video HERE!

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice