Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{SeVeN the SeQuEl} * {Sping break}

Ok, so these pics are out of order. But I just don't have the gusto to fix it! So we are going to deal alright?
We had a great Spring Break! Jason was home all week, only had 2 wrestling practices so that was nice. And we were all healthy. Here are some things we did: Took the kids to McDonnies. I snapped this picture of Burke in the play area. The girls got him up there! He looks like an alien!

Played some kick ball out in the street. Worst $2.50 ever spent. The ball died a few hours later! Burke and Jason got some snuggle time it!

This is where I am bummed the pictures are out of order!! This was the cake my sister Jennifer made for the girls birthday party! It was deeeeeeeelish! And rainbow! HELLO!!!!!!!

The view of the cake! She topped it with the Lalaloopsy dolls! It was adorable!

Me and my new owl blanket that I paid $3.86 for at Fred Meyers.

More of the AWESOME cake! Um, this is Jason as guests were arriving! Trying to catch a nap in!

Grammy giving some pre-party back scratches!

Nattie waiting for hers! They both wore the aprons G'ma Blue made for them! So cute huh?

The top of the cake!

My table decor. I used the Fisher Price doll house my sister Megan got girls for their 3rd birthday! I am so glad we still have it! The little Lala dolls fit perfectly! It has been so nice to see my girls play with dolls again! Did you know that the average age girls quit playing with dolls in 1950 was 14? Now it is age 7. Sad huh? So you can see my happiness for them to be excited about dolls!

My sisters went in on their gift this year! They got them the large Lala dolls! Cute huh? Jason and I got them pillow pets. A major favorite with them!

We also got the girls Leapsters. And one game. We took one back the night they got them because it did not work right. Then the next day the batteries were dead. They were also way too easy for them too. So we took them back and got this Wii game! It is so fun! They all love it!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I am beyond tired. I have had the busiest week ever. Starting last Friday night..........

Ate Los Betos Carne Esada Tacos {regretted it later at Walmart. And of course the front bathroom was being cleaned.......waddle to the back one......insert sad face here}
Worked 12 hours straight selling Cents of Style product at the State Cheer and Dance Competition in Nampa. {killer}

Made 2 batches of these TO DIE FOR rolls. { dashizzle}

Had Grandma and Grandpa Blue in town all week for my girls 7th birthday! {lunch at school}

I guess they get tired too! {Resident "bed hopper" Graden}

Celebrated Taylor and Nattie's 7th birthday. {sigh}

Went to a "Moosical". {a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.}

Love these ladies. What a joy and a blessing to be their Mother.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My hubby is a BRONCO!

I have not mentioned anything because I was not sure he would be accepted, but he knew he would. :) I think they call that Faith? We got the letter today!

He is going to get a teaching degree! I could do a back flip I am so pumped! I know he will be gone a ton, but it will be worth it!

I am proud of you Jason. I know you read my blog. And now the whole world knows it too!

ps....I've always wanted to make out with a hot college student! Know I live with one!!! LOL!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

*Silly and Sopping Wet*

March is a busy month for us. The girls birthdays, Spring Break, etc. This year we are doing a family party. We decided to do a friends party on the "even" years. They saw these dolls at Walmart and really liked them. LalaLoopsy dolls. So my sister is going to make a cake for each of them of a doll head. Kinda creepy when I word it like that! :)

Burke was attacking Graden the other night! It was awesome! Then he would scream! Love those dorks!

This is a shining mother moment I would like to share!
I did not realize it was raining and the girls walked home in it. I secretly think they loved walking in it. I told them to make a sad face!

Burke and I playing footsie!

Jason had not been home on a Saturday morning in MONTHS! He has had wrestling for what seems like forever. So Burke took advantage of Daddy in bed!

Saturday was beautiful and the big kids headed outside. Poor Burke is just too little to go out unattended like them. He heads straight for the road. He is so tiny I am sure a car would not see him. Or the driver in the car is what I mean! ;)

THE STREAK! My little wiggly man likes to be naked. So I let him run around for a while one morning. He took his diaper and made a run for it! I love that naked butt!

Homemade fries? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is good.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{Must Craft....or Die!}

Sometimes I get this crazy, thirst quenching urge to craft. Lame? I think not! Well last night I had the chance to visit my friend Tonya who is the proud mother of the cutest little baby I have ever seen! Like no joke! They were approved for adoption and not too long after that they were headed for Detroit! Collin and Tonya brought Ashlyn home a few days ago. I popped over just as soon as I could. I think I held her for an hour and a half! BABY HOG!!! I shared her when I had to! But quickly snatched her back up! Tonya's brother and his wife Megan came down from Idaho Falls and decorated the nursery for them. The news of Ashlyn came so fast that they loaded up and were off! I think it is the sweetest thing ever. The nursery was beautiful. Kinda like Neapolitan ice cream! Brown, white and pink. Megan had made these adorable crafty wall hangings. So guess what I did today? You're right! Headed to Hobby Lobby! (Curse you Dina and Bailey)

So I bought 4 different kinds of semi-coordinating fabric. I did not want matchy matchy!

I also bought 8 wooden embroidery looms in 4 sizes.

And at last a 12*18 black frame.

In total I spent $25 :)

Plain wall:

Cute fabric:


Why yes those are owls!

I cut a template out of an owl I sketched. Then interchanged the wings! I also painted to looms black. I had black flannel to back the owls.

Not bad for $25 bucks eh???

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice