Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lego my Son

Graden has been asking me for weeks for Legos. And to be honest, we held him off of these just like we did the girls and Barbies. So while we were at Target today he laid the dimples on thick. And I caved. He wanted a big huge set! Um.....no. So I was able to show him the ages on the boxes. And he knew for sure that some were for "babies" as he called them. So we settled on a Moon Man with a Rover.

As of this evening we are missing two wheels. : /

{PS...Thanks Cherie!!!!)

Professional 2nd Graders!

Well it's done. 1st grade is in the history books and we have moved on to conquering the 2nd grade. The girls are beyond thrilled! Here is a little gift they gave to their teacher today!

The girls made a crucial mistake this morning. They made their own lunches! And now I know they can............Bbuuhahhahahahahaaaaaa!

I sent them off on their bikes happy as can be! They will do awesome! We are very proud of them!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lot's O' Happenings

I was really hoping that things would calm down before school starts, and it just seems like it get's busier by the day.

Jason started school this week. He works at the Blue and Orange store in the mall from about 7-3 then has class Monday-Thursday. His Monday class is at the BSU campus, so he goes straight there after work. But Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday he is at the Meridian campus. That was a great surprise for us! So he usually can come home in between. His classes are supposed to be from 6-9. But most nights he is done around 7:30. EXCEPT for his Philosophy class on Thursdays. That professor comes in from Nissa, OR. So he uses all the time. (My volleyball night....but I can still go!!!)
Needless to say he has had a long week. And when Jason get's tired he get's quiet. And when he get's quiet I think he is mad. And when I constantly ask if he is mad? He get's mad! Amazing how that works! It will take some adjusting, but I know we are on the right path!

We are all ready for the girls to start on Tuesday. They have Mrs. Anala. I am not sure the spelling of that. My girls are thrilled! They really liked her from what they saw last year. They even had her sign their year books. Oh to be in the second grade! Their clothes are all washed and hung, hair cut, room clean. We decided to separate their shoes this year. They each have a laundry basket under their beds with their own shoes. We had some "those are my shoes" drama last year that I am trying to avoid!

Graden starts on the 6th. So I have some time to get his room cleaned up! It needs it!

The Browne's came for another visit! It helped my summer along knowing they were coming! They got to stay for a week. Reagan was really sick, and was not the happiest camper, so we played more after she got to feeling better. We swam of course. The kids have a blast at Christines.

Candace and I got to sneak away on Tuesday and go see THE HELP. I had sent Candace the book earlier in the summer and she loved just as much as I did. We loved the movie too! There were only 8 of us in the theater. And I think that she and I were the only ones that had read it. Cause we were reacting to what we knew was coming, and the rest just did as it happened. It would be great to see it with a full theater of readers!

This is just a silly picture I took of Burke Saturday morning. He was a hot mess. This is what an almost 2 year old looks like after an Otter Pop treat and playing out front. And as you can see he is sporting the white trash onsie. LOL! I cut the sleeves off some of the long sleeve onsies.

I also took him in for his 15 month and 18 month check. I know.....LATE! But he needed shots and to be honest, I could not have done it this winter. It was a bad one for me depression wise, and the thought of him getting shots was too much for me. He only got 2 and cried, but did great. The other kids though.....When I turned around with Burke in my arms the big kids were all huddled up covering their ears! I think it was worse for them! Hahaha! That is true compassion!

He weighs 21 pounds and is in the 5%. BUT, he is in the 10th% for height. And 45th% for his head. LOL! I told the nurse he falls in the Pip Squeak category!

So thanks for stopping by~ You rock!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Derby Date Night~

I won 4 tickets on FB to the ROLLER DERBY! hOlLa!!! I answered a trivia question from Zip Idaho. We invited the Robertson's go with us. I had one of my young women babysit for us. Kristine :) We headed down town last Saturday night!!!! I love DT Boise. Mainly because I love to people watch. And boy was there some watchin'! (And some smellin' too;/)

As we were walking to the Quest Arena I saw this utility box that was painted with these really cool owls. Um.... yes please!

So I was really excited about going to the derby. Do you remember my post about the movie Whip It with Ellen Page, Kristin Wiig, and Drew Barrymore? Well, I think I secretly want to be on a roller derby team. Jason and I thought of a name for me on the way home. (Some of the names we saw were "Thigh Master", "Rasta 4:20", and some other ones that were in reference to being a druggie, or gay.) I'm not gonna lie. I am a goodie-2-shoes compared to some of these more beastie women. So I thought a good name for me would be...............drum roll.............."PEGGY SUE-ME". Eh???? Good one huh? Ok, I'm a dork...

It was NOT NEARLY cool as the movie Whip It, but we had fun. We headed to PIE HOLE for some yummo pizza next. We sat outside and listened to some live music and basked in the cigarette smoke. Ugh! We thought we could escape the cloud and do some walking around. We found this really cool outdoor art studio where artists have leased some space. Here are some that we liked!
The Star Wars one is for the Brownes. :)

After we walked off our pizza, we headed to Apsen Leaf. It's a self serve frozen yogurt place next to Pie Hole. IT WAS HEAVEN! They have aprrox 20 flavors of yogurt. You pay .44 cents an ounce, so I tried to be really careful deciding what I wanted. Jason and I were going to share. So we picked Cookies and Cream, Oreo, Choc/PB, Angel Food Cake, Strawberry, and Raspberry. I had them all neatly poured onto the side of our giant cup. (This is where 6 years of working at TCBY really helped!!!) There were TONS of toppings to choose from too. Be did just a few of this and that but my favorite was little tiny cubed cheesecake pieces! Um. HEAVEN!!!
{proof of heaven!}

We came home, the kids were in bed, the house was spotless, and Kristine was at the sink doing dishes!

So that brings me to ask you this......

How much do YOU pay a babysitter????

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Funner Summer}

Could somebody please tell me where the summer went? It will go down in the history books as a fun one, but a FAST one! Here are some funner things, and some not so much :)

I scored on a mess of clothes for the girls for B2S. (back to school) I have $48 in store credit at Kids Again and took more things in to consign and got another $14. So I had a tab of $68. I was able to get a dozen + shirts, 8 pairs of jeans and a denim jacket for $22. :) Most of the shirts were on summer clearance and I snatched them up! I also got the girls several pairs of shoes at Payless for $6 a piece. They are all set! Whew! We also got all their supplies! I am on top of it this year! Last year at this time I was prepping for 3 tonsillectomy's. Not cool.
Burke fell into a speaker on our living room floor on Monday. Another not cool. He was fine though. Did not even break the skin.
I thought this was cute. They are watching Shrek on my bed.
I got a new doo from September. I even have some spikies in the back! I like a funky hair style.
We took our YW boating to Black Canyon Reservoir last night. I had never been there before. It was amazing. I love how the docks are against grass, and they are not floating. I know the girls had a GREAT time! (As did their fearless leaders)

Here is my beautiful Stacy!
Here I am "trying" to knee surf.
BAILEY THE BEAST! She rocks with water sports!
Bronwyn having a blast!
Bailey dreaming of Nebraska.
Our fearless Bishop surfing.
Some of the leaders taking a break!
Crazy tubbing girls!
I told the girls that if they are brave enough to steal my phone and take pictures, then dumb enough not to erase them, I will post them. This is Jamie and Claire. I told Jamie she looks like Sloth from Goonies. She did not know who that was..........Baby Ruth??????
I had to bring my arthritis stick. It takes the pain out of my shoulder. Stacy thought it may work on her jaw. I think it just cleared her nose. :)
I had a HUGE crash off the tube. I have no idea how it happened either. I guess I flipped on the water forever before I actually sunk in. I am sore today.

THE BEST PART???????? I was soooooo cold when I got home, but was equally as tired. Jason had poured me a super hot bath with Epsom salt. Ahhh......I sat in the tub and told him all about the trip and we ate watermelon. It was delightfulness.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Zip Away!

We smashed through our ninth anniversary this week! We were married at high noon in the Boise temple on 8/3/02. A beautifully hot day!
Every year we talk about what we are going to do. It usually consists of a movie and Chili's. It is usually in our budget for a hot date like that. But this year I decided to break that mold and do something more daring! So I started planning early and saving quarters. I hid a Mason jar in my undies drawer and every chance I got to snag one I did! No quarter was safe! I also sold a rug and made $50 and had another $50 in an account we never use.
I got a wild idea to do a zip line tour. I had heard that there was one in Horseshoe Bend, only 30 minutes away! I checked out the website and got pretty jacked. It was a 3 hour tour, 6 lines, and so close to Boise. The only bummer is that it was $75/person. YOWZA!! But I was determined to make it happen! When I told Jason about my plan he was pretty excited! But he really through a wrench in the system when he said he wanted to get a hotel room that night too! But luckily with all those cheapo sites that help you find a room, it was easy!

So Friday night after work we headed up to Horseshoe Bend. It is such an easy drive. We got to the place and waited to take a suburban up to the trails. That was the bumpiest ride I have ever been on! Some of the turns I could not even see the road in front of us! Those guides are great though and drive it so often, they know those roads like the back of their hands! We were with 8 other people.
Here we are all rigged up in our gear!
Jason coming across the second zip line!
A shot of me in the trees!
This is me coming in backwards! My bad!
Me and my honey!
We finished up with the awesome tandem zip lines~ Jason won. Cause he's fatter! LOL!

Click HERE to watch our tandem ride together!

{After watching this I have to laugh cause who knew Jason was Hawaiian? What's with all the "hang loose" signs honey?????} LOL!

And like previously mentioned what would be a an anniversary with out Chili's???? After about a half an hour discussion with Jason I decided that I was going to have a real COKE with my dinner. It would be the first one in 35 days. Do you think I enjoyed it?
"H" yeah I did! I polished off three refills. And in my defense, there was A LOT of ice! :) I am not in any rush to go out and buy a Pepsi right now. It feels great to have some self control!
After Chili's we headed to our hotel. Springhill Suites by Marriott. I really wanted to sit in the hot tub and we had 30 minutes till the pool closed. Much to my dismay, it was more like a luke warm tub, so we went back to our room and I took a lobster bath. (It's when my feet are so red I look like a lobster)

We lounged and watched CABLE!!!!! Oh heaven! We got a great night's sleep and woke up in time to battle a million people for a continental breakfast. :( We ate quick and went back to our room, snuggled up, and watched MORE CABLE!!!! And Jason did not even watch Sports Center. He let me watch some Jersey Shore, (I've never seen it), and some Celebrity Rehab, and this morning we watched Flip This House New Hampshire and Fabulous Flips Las Vegas! It's the simple things really!

This was a great anniversary. Not as much because we did really fun stuff, but because I spent it with my partner in life. He is my partner in everything.

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice