Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Open House!!! FREE!


I am throwning and Open House tonight, TUESDAY MAY 25th from 6-9 for Cents of Style.

A MYSTERY HOSTESS will get the 8% host bonus! All you have to do to be entered is spend $15 and your in!

I will have all sorts of yummy treats! (no, not all chips, I know you ladies like chocolate!)

Hope you can make it! Message me and I'll send you my address!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

30th :(

If you know me, you know that my 30th birthday was something I was WAY jacked about! I just think it sounds cool. 30. Thirty. Like when I check and age box I can no longer check 25-29. I now have to check 30-34. Or I cannot say that I am in my 20's anymore. I can no longer apply to be on the Real World, or Road Rules. If I were not married I would no longer be a YOUNG single adult. I love it! I know it sounds crazy! I had a hard time with 25. Because that is half of 50. And yes, I am aware that 30 is HALF of 60, but I'm cool with it now!

So as you may know by now, Graden continued to get sick. So much in fact that he was admitted into St. Luke's Meridian Friday evening. Dehydration. MAJOR. Although he HATED almost every minute of it, he was such a trooper. I stayed the first 24 hours and Jason stayed the last 24 hours. Here are some crappy cell phone pictures to document our stay.

This is right when we got there. Barf bucket in hand. (Although he never needed it!) And I am aware he seems happy. I think that is how this all got out of hand. He would perk up and give me hope he was on the mend, only to crash again. This is a high moment. Another high moment was when they called for our transport to our room. It was my sweet cousin John! He was so kind to Graden. He said when he got the page and it said BLUE-PED his stomach dropped! I can imagine why!

Jason and Graden showing me how TOUGH they are! I love this picture!

I drew this for Graden while he was getting his IV.

Uh, now you can tell that Graden is not so happy. This is after the IV was given. He HATED that guard on his arm. But by the time we came home he would not take it off. Even after I forced him to, it took a good two hours for him to use that arm. What a weirdo!
He got that duck for being so good. We named him Quackers. He also got to use that cool rock and roll blanket. He got to take it home as well! Thank you Project Linus. Click HERE to check them out!

Graden and I are really mad at the FLU! He had not used the bathroom since we had been there. At 5 am Saturday morning the nurse realized that and said that if he did not go #1 he would have to have a Cath. Um....it is really hard to force a 3 year old to go potty when he does not want to. He finally got so mad and upset he started bawling, and tinkling, so I swooped him up and he could not stop! Whew....Cath averted! SUPER MOM!

I finally begged the nurses on Saturday morning for something other that ice chips for him. Mmmmmmm..... a banana Popsicle! He had a root beer one a little after this, then another root beer after that!


REAL FOOD! He actually growled when he saw the plate of food. He devoured that banana, then an apple juice, then a turkey sandwhich! I could hear his tummy and made him stop. He never got sick though, so that is good!

Jason and Graden had a good time Sunday morning. They unhooked him from the drip so he was more mobile. They played in the community toy room, took a ride in a wagon, and found a window that over looked the helicopter lading pad.

I just want to thank my sweet friends that helped us! Candace for taking the girls Friday night, my mom for coming bright and early Saturday to watch the other kids so Jason could mow (12 hours! sheesh!), Tiffany for coming to see me on my birthday and bringing snow cones and toys for Graden, The Morris' and Browne's for Sunday dinner, Traci for my gift!

Did I have the 30th birthday that I wanted, no. But what better gift is there than to feel loved? To have prayers offered on the behalf of your sick child. Prayers that I know were answered! It was a birthday I'll never forget!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Annual Mother's Day Wiffle Ball Tourny!

Another year, another Wiffle Ball Tournament for Mother's Day! This year it was
GLUBY (Gauby/Blue) vs. COXINI (Cox/Luchini).

The Gluby's swept it! Holla!

Graden n' Friends

My sweet boys eating their morning cereal.

We babysat my friend Candace's son Chase so mom and dad (and baby) could go see Iron Man 2. The kids had so much fun!


That same night before Chase came over, Jason mowed the yard. And Graden helped. Well, kinda~

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I will look back.....

Some day I will look back and laugh at this post. It is probably TMI, but I feel the need to document it for my families sake.

Yesterday started off with a bang. And by bang I mean BARF. Once again the the Barfing Bed Bandit stikes again. Jason got the first blow from Graden. All over his back and arm. He was a trooper and just laid still so I could jump up and get a towel. Graden seemed fine after that. No fever, happy. So I got him his chocolate milk. It did not even have a chance to curdle before it ended up on my bathroom mat.

In the midst of all this I had a horrible feeling that I had forgotten something. I could not figure out what? It was when I was doing my first load of barf laundry that it hit me. Well, not really hit me, but as I quickly saw the water stop filling up my washer it dawned on me. "Did I pay the water bill?" Um, that would be a no. They had shut off our water. I had forgotten to pay it the night before. Stupid Biggest Looser. I wanted to get home to see it. Grrrr.... totally spaced it. My bad.

So I start to gather up the boys to head over to City Hall to pay it. Then I get sick. And not throwing up either. Did you know that when you have no water your toilet won't flush? You can piece together that puzzle. :(

I wait a while and decide to head out. (Our computer has a virus so it is at a friends house being fixed, so I could not use it to pay the bill)(As for this post, Jason hooked up our OLD GHETTO computer that takes 45 minutes to do anything) I have Graden covered in a towel, just in case. He barfs on Main St. Not bad. So by the time the girls get home from school our down stairs bathroom is officially a BIO HAZARD. Graden and I had both been sick several times by then.

Later in the day I sent a message to Jason. I am sure he appreciated the detail in which I laid out my day. He text back and said he was sorry. I wasn't. I was really proud of myself. I had handled it all with grace in my opinion. It was truly a laughable situation. A perfect storm of calamities all wrapped into 6 hours of a bad comedy.

I feel better today, Graden is not. He still has a fever, up chucked this morning, but is really sweet. Just lounging around and asking for more water. I love that boy.

I also left out another major story line that included a friend. I need to get back to my sicky. And Jason needs his lunch delivered!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Girls and Me~

Today was the Mother's Day Celebration at school. I was able to pawn off the boys and spend a little alone time with the girls. We had a little tea or apple juice, had a few cute songs sung to us. Got really cute aprons with hand/foot print flowers on them.

My girls are growing up. I have watched some of my friends kids for date night, or to go to the Temple in the past few weeks. The girls are so into the other kids. They are loving and helpful. They are just amazing little people. I think I take them for granted the majority of the time. Whether it be getting me a diaper, or picking up the shoes, I just ask and ask. I need to be more aware of them. And their feelings.

I am so blessed to have had both of them. Having just one of them would have been a huge treat, but to have had them both choose to come together into our home is really more powerful than words can express. Being a mother of twins is a neat experience. A whole other world of trials, and blessings.

Taylor and Natalie~ I love you. You are amazing little women. You are both kind and creative. Loving and helpful. Great at telling stories, or playing games! I just love you both to pieces!

~Forever and always and no matter what~

sIx MoNthS oLd

Dear Burke,
Six months is HALF of a year you know. When did mommy ever give you permission to grow that fast? You are delightful, full of energy, bouncy, smiley, content, passive, easily startled, have boundless snuggles, love to reach for anything, including the camera, love to sleep on your belly, suck your soothie backwards, swing side to side, have a blanket on your face to snooze, and most of all, you have a great head of hair. You make grown women jealous!
I know I say this every post, but I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are in the 23% for weight and height. So are you a munchkin. Your head is normal. At this point Graden's head was the size of a VERY ripe melon. ;) You cried like a big boy when you got your shots today. I am so sorry. Nothing can ever prepare me to console you enough. For a boy who rarely cries, it kills me when you really break down. You are sleeping through the night almost every night. Thanks for that. Try to talk to you brother for me ;)
You are a very loved child. You are wanted and needed in this family. You are the light in my eyes Burke. For ever and eternity~
Love Mama

All FOUR kids take ONE:

Take TWO:


Ahhhhhhh Screw it!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh man.....

Graden got his first pair of wrestling shoes. Age 3. Jason, probably around 12-13. It's amazing how kids have so much more now, than we did, or our parents did. My Mom always tells me how much "stuff" we have. She and my Dad had nothing compared to us. Same with the way Jason was raised. Not a lot of "stuff", but a lot of LOVE. I would like to think my kids have both. The shoes were hand-me-downs from my nephew Sam. He is into wrestling. On Sunday night when G'ma Blue was still here, we decked out Graden and he and Jason sparred before bed.

My sweet future heavy weight!

This is a classic shot. Ready position, they have already shook hands and now Graden is blowing the whistle (his finger, and a very high pitched "whoot"). SHOOT!

Graden is actually starting to take note of some of the moves. He used to only go for Jason's legs. He has learned to push Jason's head down.

Going for the PIN!

OH SNAP! 2 point reversal for Dad! You can tell by the look: not cool.

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice