Friday, April 29, 2011

You be the JURY....

On the 15th of May I will be 31. I have never served on jury duty. I have always felt left out! I was jealous of Jason when he was asked to serve. He was never picked to be on a jury, but he got to go to the courthouse and see how it worked. I think that although inconvenient, we, as citizens, should be willing to serve. I try to think.... "What if my child was injured and someone (not me) was put on trial for their crime???" I would want a jury of people who are willing to be there.

Well my wishes came true. A few months ago I got the questionnaire in the mail to select jurors. I was thrilled. Jason thought I was insane. I mailed it back the next day and have been waiting for my number so I could call in and see if I had to go!

On Monday I received a call and did not recognize the number. So I let it go to voice mail. It was a message from the Jury Commission office stating that I was requested to serve on Wednesday April 27th. It also stated that if that did not work that I could call that same number back and request a postponement. I did. I chose option 5, got the email, and requested a postponement. I had no childcare, and asked to serve this summer. I never heard anything back.

Fast forward to Wednesday. Normal day. Getting ready to put Burke down for his nap, and then playing Guess Who with Graden. I get a call from a number that I don't recognize, but I know is ok to answer. It is a jury commissioner lady SCREAMING at me that the judge is WAITING for me and I need to DROP what I am doing and DRIVE to the courthouse IMMEDIATELY. Needless to say I was beyond flabbergasted and not quite sure what to say or do. She just kept going on and on about the fact that I talked to somebody and said I would be there. I NEVER TALKED TO ANYBODY.

I was able to stay calm. Burke on the other hand tested his lung power SCREAMING while I was on the phone. Everything I was trying to tell her she was not buying. She thought I was lying. About all of it. Emailing, not talking to a person on Monday......I could have died.

She let me finish what I was saying then she replied: "You'll be receiving a letter". Then hung up on me. I was totally numb. Shocked really. And scared.

So today when I was coming around the corner from dropping the girls off at school I could see somebody parked in front of my house and walking up to my door. I pulled in and kept the boys in the car. It was a lady giving me a summons punishable by law. She was very nice and I explained the story to her and she felt very badly. But I was still screwed.

I have to report to the courthouse on Monday the 9th of May at 7:30am. No calling in, nothing. I am freaking out. What do I do with my kids??????? Hello? How do I get them to school. How do I get Graden to and from preschool?

This is how I am feeling!!!!

Then the Lord blesses me.......

I have had some really great people drop by that have blessed me so much. And they had no idea any of this was going on. My friend and neighbor Cindy came over just minutes after the crazy phone call. She brought me cookies and this tile. And I bawled. I told her the story.

Then my friend Tamra stopped by last night with the ADORABLE bag full of Diet Pepsi and chocolate! It had the nicest note inside. She had no idea any of this was going on either.

Will I survive this? Yes.
It's all about your attitude.

Monday, April 25, 2011

{Eggs and Cake}

Saturday we celebrated Easter and Graden's birthday as a family. It was quite the bash! My sister Jennifer filled and hid over 300 eggs for this PARTY! Along with 3 coveted golden eggs! One of which Taylor found! With a little help from Mom! Graden has really enjoyed playing Donkey Kong on the Wii. So I asked Jennifer to make a DK cake for my boy. This is what she came up with......

As you can tell....He loved it! I always feel bad eating such awesome cakes!

We also played some music outside and the cousin's got their DANCE on!

Here is my sweet 4 year old. He asks me everyday if he is still 4. Yep!

Here is a picture of all the cousins including the Frogley kids (Keaton, Kole and Evi). Although I cannot see Kole in this picture, but I know he is up there somewhere!

Comparing some legs. One of these kids is going into Nursery in a few weeks. The other one is not even one yet! ;)

The Browne's stopped by on Friday night to say goodbye. I tried to keep it as low key as possible. I know my girls were really bummed and did not want them to get upset. We kept it casual. No tears! Just hugs!
I talked to Candace last night and they are doing well. They had help moving in and the Bishop's wife has already brought dinner! My friend Tricia's husband works for Apple as well (Scott's boss) and they had them over for Easter dinner. It makes me feel good knowing that there is a ward wherever you move to take care of you!

Miss you CanDance!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

{FOUR heavens sake}

I specifically told Graden to quit growing. Then yesterday he went and turned FOUR on me. Seriously? Four? That cannot be right!

Let's play "Did you know".......

Did you know that I got pregnant with Graden AFTER Jason lost his job?

Did you know that I was so violently ill that I could not stand up straight for almost 7 weeks?

Did you know that I had to go to the ER just to be filled up with liquids so I wouldn't die of dehydration?

Did you know that we sold our house and moved while I was pregnant with him? Packed up an entire house 7 months pregnant and had TWO Two and a half year olds!

Did you know that while prepping for my c-section I had an allergic reaction to some medication they had given me and I stopped breathing?

Did you know that every single night this is the face I see?

Did you know that Jason and Graden are best friends?

We are so lucky to be Graden's parents. He is a very good boy. He can be kind and mean all in the same 10 minutes. He can be hilarious daily. He hates bedtime. Loves tubby time. Sometimes loves Primary. Loves BBQ chips. Hates almost everything for dinner (But does not complain). Loves Burke, until he wrecks whatever he was playing. Loves his sissies, until they boss him around one too many times. Loves to snuggle me at night to avoid going to bed. (And I soooooo fall for it every time)

We had a very low-key celebration last night. A few gifts, cupcakes, dinner, and Chase came over to say hi!
Chase got him a fishing pole that I already had to super glue back together! (It was that popular) And two pictures in frames. It was awesome. I wonder how many times he will ask to go to Chase Browne's before it sets in that they moved?
I headed to mutual after the little party. Stacy had prepared a lesson on Finding Christ. It was awesome. At the end we blew out eggs. To represent the empty tomb Christ was not in, although still sealed closed. Let's just say that being in a bathroom with a bunch of teenage girls is really.........LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are we there YET?????

It's funny how things work out. I have had dozens of people ask if we are going on Trek. {For those that don't know, Trek is like re-creating the Pioneer trek across the plains! Handcart, and authentic dress and all!!!} We were not asked and people are always so surprised.
The upcoming Trek is in July. Candace and Scott were asked to a Ma and Pa. They will have to care for 10 boys and girls ages 12-18. They will be their "Children". I was so JEALOUS! I have always wanted to go! Well, with Scott and Candace moving {WOMP} we were asked to take their place as the Ma and Pa! YAHHOOOOZA!
I cannot be more excited! Jason is even missing a wrestling camp for this! Talk about sacrifice! (scoff, scoff!)

We are all set! We will be trekking for John Christian Jensen and his wife Ansine Elisabeth Nielsen! I am so excited about it! I am sure this will be one of many posts!

Friday, April 15, 2011

[441 Miles]

There are so many things I could blog about. The funny things my kids say, the haul I made at Goodwill, mowing season starting, warm weather, the temple in Meridian......

And yet my mind travels the 441 miles to Sacramento. Why there? Well, that is where MY Candace is moving in T-minus 8 days. That's right! You heard me!

Scott has been offered a job in sunny California. Something to do with Apples? My kids are confused! He is working for Apple Corporate. {You iPhones Taylor said!}

She told me the week before spring break that Scott had applied, on a whim, for this job that he would probably NEVER get. That very instant I received a very firm confirmation that he was going to get that job. And I needed to prepare myself for her leaving. I am not sure if having more time would make it easier. This is one band aid that is going to hurt like hell whether it is ripped fast or slow.

I also decided that I would not let her see me sad. This was equally, if not harder for her. I knew that she would need my support, love and encouragement. She did not need my drama. And that if I was the BFF that I said I was, I would support her and not bring her down. That is easier said than done. But I have had help from Heavenly Father. I had my "ugly cry" in the shower last Saturday. {Like snot all over my face in the shower cry} Jason knew that I had bawled {I get "puffy face syndrome"}. I explained thru my tears that this IS me doing the BEST I can. No more tears after that. Don't cry for me Argentina. ;)

So she is moving. So I have a place to crash in Cali {That sounds funny coming from a normal person}. So she will probably lose some weight cause I won't bring her a 44oz Pepsi a few times a week. So I will have to accept that she is a little further away than a few blocks. So she will have to make some new friends. {None of which will compare to moi, but will hopefully make things easier for her}. So what. It is what it is :)

Scratch the BFF. We are BFE's. Best Friends Eternally.

Love you CanDance. xoxo

Music to my Soul~

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Graden's wrestling practice