Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring is in the air!

Hope you all are defrosting from this winter! It is about time for some warm weather!

5 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Angie said...

Hey! You're back!! tag - you're it! Hope all is well with you guys! We are loving not having snow on the ground, still waiting for warmth though.... :)

Harry and Jill said...

Nice to see you update a little... I check this out a few times a month to see if anything new is going on. I saw new pics of the baby and he is a doll.... Cute kids Allie. Love you, JILL

Leah said...

You bum I did't even know you had one, don't worry I will add you ASAP!! You need to keep me updated on your fam. And the only reason I know how to change my template is because Lachelle is here with me helping me, and she is pretty much a computer geek with no kids!

Laura said...

Yay, you crazy kids have a blog. I'll be checking in on a regular basis to see what's goin on with the Blues! Give the girls hugs from us.

Mark and Lachelle said...

Hey Alli!!! I saw your blog on Leah and Natalie's pages. Remember me? Good ol' Lachelle aka Lahair.....I can't remember if it was you or September that called me Lahair. Anyhoos, you need to post more pics of all your kiddos! I have never seen them! Me and my hubby have a blog too. It's
Happy blogging!

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