Thursday, February 12, 2009

sEnIoR nIgHt 2oo9

Hello hello.
This is a montage of pictures over the past week or so.
The first are of my very cute prego friend Tricia. This is baby #4 for her! Can't wait to meet Darcy or Brody! xoxo

Nattie and Taylor took advantage of a light snow fall yesterday!

These are the pictures of Senior Night at Centennial HS. It is a special night for the boys who will graduating this year! They are presented with a Senior shirt and their parents are given flowers. Over the past 3 years Jason has been with the Patriots and assisting Collin, we have grown to love these boys! Here are some of the fun moments of the night!

The ever handsome Coach Blue

This is Mark. He is one of our favorites! He was escorted by his little sisters! He is a great kid!

(okay, here's the deal. CHS has choir students sing the national anthem. the majority of the time it is....ok. i could not resist snapping this photo of the girl who sang tonight. the patriotism of her ????ensemble????)

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Leah said...

Yes, I do love that girls patriotism?!! Haha. Your girls are such hams... wonder where they got that from?!LOL And I am obsessing over your long hair. I love it. I am in a total rut and just can't seem to grow mine out. So I am admiring yours! Also love lil' coach Blue!

Angie said...

What was the occasion for Tricia and You? I miss you girls tonz!!! Your girlies are adorable!

Tonya said...

I know that girl who sang! Sorry I missed it... but I saw her later at the match and thought "wow" at her outfit.... then when I was looking at this Collin told me she like missed half the words of the NATIONAL ANTHEM! lol!!!
Love the family pics at the match btw.
And I'm sorry I didn't employ your baking skills! I will next time!

Mark and Lachelle said...

I'm totally diggin the metallic silver skirt and the skulls cardigan! Classic ensemble! But on another not, I must say I am totally diggin on your hair! It has gotten so long! Very cute!

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