Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This and That!

Graden and I watch AFV every Sunday night. I laugh more at him than the videos! He is quiet the entire segment, then at the end he let's out a bigh Ughhhhh! It is so funny!
This was how I found Jason and the girls on Sunday after church!

JoAnn's moved to a huge location in Boise so all the old stores were having a 70%-90% off sale! That just screamed my name! Julie watched my kids while I popped over! I spent $50 on a various craft things! (In total I saved $239.00) I copied my sister Jennifer! She did a similar thing at her house! These vinyl stickers were only $2+ for the set. I thought I would add some pizazz to my family pictures! The best part was that my Mom did not like them! I love them!


This is "Chewy". He is the newest dog to be a member of the Gauby family. He is a Bull Mastiff. I was shocked at how small he is. Even at 7 weeks! My girls just passed him back and forth! He is a cute boy!

Nat and Chewy

Kind of like her Auntie Nattie when it comes to animals!!!

6 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cam and Chaly said...

I love the vinyl around your pictures! Who took your pictures? I need some of Kacen taken.

Joleen said...

Is JoAnn's closed already?

Natalie said...

I love the vinyl around the pics, it looks so cute! That is so funny of Graden, he is becoming such a little man!

And how many dogs do you have? I swear you are always getting a new one...makes me a little jealous! Chewy is so cute, I want to hold him!

Leah said...

How cute is that pic of Jason and the girls?! Love it! Our church starts at 8am so you can always catch me like that on Sundays too!

You are so creative... I love the vinyl around the pics. Can't believe Judy didn't like it! :)

Harry and Jill said...

Thanks for the tough love Alli. You are one of the few that always has a sweet comment. I know it's an outlet and I have had fun blogging but I have 3 sisters on here that never comment, and I always have a nice comment for them, therefore I don't know if they are even looking. But you are right, it has been a fun way to keep in touch and learn things about your family. Like the Gaubys new puppy. And that they twins still suck there thumbs. I love seeing the pics of your family. We are on a Sunday drive funk with the weather. But we do need to start doing that again when the weather gets better. Huggggggggggggs to you and yours. Thanx for the comment.


hey how are you doing. I can't figure out how to get you on my friend list how rae you doing..

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