Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Topsy Turvy

That's how I would describe my life at this moment. Why? Some of you already know, but this November Jason and I (more me than him, but I don't want to leave him out because he had a part in this...) will be adding a new warm, snugly, cute baby blue to our clan. I KNOW I AM CRAZY! That is what you are thinking I am sure! Yes, it was planned. Yes, we are finding out what the sex is. No, I have no preference as to a boy or girl. And yes, I feel like crud! I have few complaints. Jason has cleaned, cooked, fed, and allowed me to nap, done laundry and NOT COMPLAINED. Well, not too much:)
We have had an exciting month. The girls turned 5! The training wheels came off! We met the Easter Bunny! And Jason is growing a beard. (no !)
I have not felt like blogging so here are some pictures I have taken over the last month. Enjoy!

My FIVE year olds!

Natalie is the only 5 year old I know that received a Topsy Turvy for their birthday! She loves tomatoes so much I am going to have to grow them this year!
This was the girls party. It was the 2nd or 3rd day I had really not felt ok. But the party must go on. UGH! Strawberry Shortcake ofr Taylor and My Little Pony for Nattie!
I love this picture because Natalie is totally telling Jason how to take the picture! LOL!
Aunt Jennifer is the cake decorator extraordinaire!
No, not 55! Just 5!
This goes into our Easter weekend! Lot's of fun!
Yep, no training wheels! They got new AWESOME big girl bikes that still had training wheels, but we decided to take the TW's off the little ones to see what would happen.

What the crap? No Easter baskets???? What is wrong with this Easter Bunny? Oh yeah, he has a case of morning sickness! Lol!

10 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Natalie said...

Looks like the girls had a great birthday! I love their cake...did you make it?
Graden is such a little dude, he is so cute.
Sorry you aren't feeling good. I hope that ends soon for you!
Tell J I like the beard! :)

Angie said...

Congrats! I hope the email didn't offend - I was hoping a little humor would ward off the nausea!!! In my opinion, after 3, it's just crowd control! But, a crowd that you really can't get enough of!

Leah said...

Screw the easter baskets, the kids only care about the candy anyways! Loved that Bday cake, did your sis. make it? Looks so freakin' cute and yummy! Isn't it crazy that we have 5 year olds?? I can't believe it still. Tell the girls Happy Birthday from me. (a little late!) Hope hope hope you start feeling better soon. It seriously is the worst being sick and trying to take care of children at the same time. I am excited for you! Sorry I won't be joining the 4 kids club anytime soon. Maybe once you are on your 5th!!! Haha! Love ya!

Oh yeah, Jace LOVES tomatoes too!! Crazy huh?

Emily said...

How exciting... a new baby Blue on the way, Congrats! You are such a great little mama and have the cutest fam, you have to add to it! my kiddos love tomatoes too, what the...?

Laura said...

Congrats on the new baby. I hope you feel better soon. Those 1st few months can be brutal. I'm so excited to meet and photograph your new little one! Okay, can't believe the girls are 5 already. That was how old Mason was when we moved in across the street. Nutty! Oh how time flies huh? Oh, and Ross has tried to grown a beard once or twice too. But unlike Jason, no one could really tell because his facial hair is a sick flesh color. Not cool...

Adam and Chantele said...

did you make that cake yourself??? AMAZING! I love your blogs. I have you guys added to ours (just so you know)! I think Jason will always be Jason and the beard, well, it just adds to Jason! Love you tons. Hope you are starting to feel better. If you need anything, well, love and support through chat, you know where I am. :)

Harry and Jill said...

Thanks for posting some new pics. I love seeing the girls. I remember when Britt turned 5, it was such a big day. All the fingers on ONE whole hand can be used. I hope all is well, and I hope the morning sickness goes away quick. Love you guys. Oh and I like the beard, tell Jason he is a "REAL MAN"

Mark and Lachelle said...

Woo hoo!!! Another Blue baby! And don't worry, I have NO motivation to blog lately either. I guess that's what being pregnant does to ya! Hope you start feeling better soon. It's no fun being pregnant and sick. I can't imagine how much worse it is for you though, already having 3 kids to take care of too! I'm glad this is my first!

Claire said...

So freakin excited for you!!! Sorry you are not feeling well, hopefully it will pass soon.
We do sand buckets for our baskets that way I don't have to store baskets year round and they use them everytime we go to the park.
PS, I hate beards too.

Harry and Jill said...

Love lOvE LoVe LOVE this back ground. WAY CUTE.

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