Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tiaras, Goggles, Red Rover, Smoothies, Graduation, Baptism, Hights!

The girls and I went to a Tea Party at preschool for Mother's Day! It was a very fun a special day!
Nattie was a sweet little kitty in the Little Red Hen!

Taylor was an adorable billy goat in the Three Little Billy Goats!

Graden gave me this beautiful dandelion before church. He was so proud!

Just a shot of me rockin' a HIGH PONY! holla back!

Whew! It's getting hot! We got the kids a pool! They really like it!



Red Rover, Red Rover, send GRADEN RIGHT OVER!

I took the kids to Booster Juice on my birthday. The girls have always wanted to go.

My sleepy boys.......zzzzzzzz!
Nattie and Taylor are officially Graduates of Happy Days Preschool! Great job girls! I am soooooo proud of you both!
We traveled to Utah Memorial Day Weekend for Keller's BAPTISM! I cannot believe he is 8!!!!! What a great kid!
We stopped at the Malad Gorge. I thought the kids would think it was cool, and they did. For 2 seconds. lol!

Here is a kick off to a great summer!

12 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Tonya said...

Great pics! Your girls are growing up so fast. There's not wrestling for 2 months (therefore I don't see you ever other day) and bam they look so much older. ps--is that preschool teacher your twin or what?

Tonya said...
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Joleen said...

Looks like lotsa fun! :D

Danny and Laura said...

Wow! Lots goin' on! I totally thought the preschool teacher was you in the pics where she's huggin' your girls. Sister? Fun times!!!

Alli Blue said...

Yeah she is 6 years older. But we could be twins cause she's a BABE!

Angie said...

Ha! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks you have a twin! Great pics!

Craig and Cynthia said...

I agree with Lar. I thought the preschool teacher was you too. You look a lot alike. How fun. I'm always up for a game of red-rover. haha

Mark and Lachelle said...

That was the prettiest dandelion I've ever seen :) And you totally rock the high pony! So fierce!

Mark and Lachelle said...

Oh yeah, and the preschool teacher.....she's your twin. You were separated at birth.

Natalie said...

It was so great seeing you! I miss being able to hang out with you! Love ya!

Leah said...

Lovin' the high pony girl! Also lovin' that pic of the kids with their goggles on. So cute! And crap, why dont ya come and see me?!

Laura said...

How stinkin cute are the girls in those graduation duds! I love it. They're growing up too fast!!!!!!

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