Monday, October 4, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

For Laura~ (and baby)

4 cups luke warm water
4 TBSP yeast
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup powdered milk
1 cup oil
2 eggs
12 cups flour
2 TSP salt (add salt after everything is added/all the flour)

1. Combine all ingredients except last 6 cups of flour. Mix well using kneading arm.

2. Then add remaining flour one cup at a time. Knead for 10 minutes. Allow dough to be sticky.

3. Remove from bowl and divide into 8 pieces. Roll out on floured board (to a square), spread with melted butter and sprinkle cinnamon & sugar, and brown sugar.

4. Fold top half over to bottom of dough. Cut into 3/4' wide strips.

5. Take each piece and twist each end, then roll dough around itself. Place in greased pan, touching each other.

6. Cover and let rise until they double in size. Bake at 350' for 25 minutes.


1 cup powdered sugar
1 TBSP water
1 TSP vanilla
(this makes a tiny amount: keep doubling til you have enough)

3 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Laura said...

Yay! THanks so much. You know what we are doing for FHE tonight!

Laura said...

Okay, this recipe is THE ONE! Soft sweet and delicious, every time I went for one (and yes, it took us more than one day to eat them...)

Laura said...

Yumm! I've gotta try those this week. Thanks for the recipe!

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