Friday, August 21, 2009

Extreme Diving....kinda....

The last day of swimming lessons! I caught Nat mid sneeze! Hahahahahahaha! So funny!

Graden went a few times to the lessons! He was rather bummed when he could not get in water! My friend Tiffany took him a few of the days! He loved that!

Taylor was rather fearless when it came to the diving board. She was more than excited! She got to jump twice on the last day! I am really proud of her!

Big jump!

Natalie took a little more persuasion. She did great the other day when they jumped but today she was bitten by the fear bug. After I had a chance to pull her aside and talk to her she got in line. I am so glad she did because lessons were almost over and she had not gone! I did not want this to be a regret of hers!
(She then let the little girl behind her go so this was not her big jump.....yet!)

Taylor again!!!

YEAH!!!! She finally jumped! I am so proud of her! It's all she talked about on the way home!

This is Zac Efron the girls swimming teacher! jk! He does look like him though! His real name is Collin. The girls called him "Coach Collin" all week! Holla!

1 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Tonya said...

woot woot from the real Coach Collin! :)

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