Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TwO mOnTHs oLd

My sweet baby is two months old today. Time has zoomed by, but I am so happy and blessed that he is progressing as he should. He weighs 10 lbs 3 oz. He is 23.5 inches long.

Here are some Burke stats:

Burke Loves....
to smile
his mommy
standing tall
lifting his head
looking all around
his bottle
his smoothie bink
sleeping all night ( i love that one too)

Burke loves not so much....
being naked
getting bonked by you know who ;)
spit up
clothing changes
loosing his smoothie

He really is a great baby. In two months he has only been "fussy" once. That was last night. I am no longer nursing. It is normal for me to "dry up" after two months. It's normally when they really start going that 8-9 hour stretch. I did my best, and loved every second of that special closeness. I think the fuss was because he only had formula all day. And that led to no poopy diaper until later in the evening. And then Graden did something to him. Not sure what, but he was sure upset. I never found a mark.

Some drama I HAD to capture it!

If I had a $1 for every time somebody commented about Burke's hair I could have paid for his mission and college. My Mom has told me to cut it a hundred times, but I just couldn't.

It's all the way over his ears.

And the mullet was not so cute anymore.

So I got out the clippers.

And off it came. (Of course I saved it!)

And now we have this super handsome man baby with a big boy haircut.

He looks just like my nephew Sam.

This is just a funny picture of Graden. My Mom took the girls for an overnighter. So Jason took Graden for some Man Time. They came home with guns. They have run all over the house with them. Graden took them to pick up the girls. I heard him shooting and then it went quiet. He had fallen asleep with them in his hands!!!!!

10 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Natalie said...

I can't believe you cut his hair!! He looks just as cute with the short hair :)
Glad to hear he is doing well and that you are too!
Love ya!

Andrea Cutler said...

What a cute boy! Loved the puke's always a bit sweeter when it's on daddy and not you! We get it 99% of the's only fair to share!

Cherie said...

He is such a cute little man! I probably could have paid for half his mission already with my thoughts about his long hair - ha ha. That is crazy that you already gave him a haircut but it looks adorable!!

Laura Blue said...

I was torn when I first knew that Ryder needed a hair cut at 4 months, but like Burke, it was needed & he looks so handsome! That's amazing that he's sleeping through the night. What do you do? Neither one of my kids ever sleep through the night & Cami's 2! I'd love a full nights rest, but nothing seems to work. Love the photo of Graden with guns.

Joleen said...

He is so stinkin' cute!
My girls are 3 and I still haven't cut their hair!!!

Danny and Laura said...

WOW! that is some hair. Such a cutie!

Leah said...

No you didn't cut off that hair!!! He looks cute! Can't believe he's 2months already AND sleeping through the night??! Lucky you ;)

Tonya said...

what! a hair cut already! Yes I agree the mullet...maybe not the best look for a 2-monther but still, he is so tiny to already be getting his hair cut! And I know I am one of those annoying people who makes some stupid comment about his hair every time I see him.. oh well! He is adorable!

Laura said...

Ahhhh! I can't believe you cut his hair!!! I loved his hair. I'm sure we would have done the same thing though. We cut our boys' hair at about the same age and they didn't have nearly as much as Burke. It sure makes his look older.

Mark and Lachelle said...

And you're gonna get another comment about his hair....because seriously, he has so much!!! Camden is just now starting to get some peach fuzz on the top of his head, and I'm freakin stoked!

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