Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th, food, fireworks,

Big surprise....We had the Gauby's over for the 4th. We were officially ditched by Austin and Caitlin. I guess sparklers and ground bloomers are not "cool" enough for teenagers. Pssshh.
So Jeff, Julie and Mason came over for wings, and works. Fire works that is.

The Chefs.

A match made in culinary heaven.

Our neighbor Paul has inspired us to become wing masters. Just kidding. I would have had him cook them but they had their baby. Geez. ;) He did get us some of his famous BB Wolfe sauce! holla! Not too shabby if I do say so! Thanks Paul.

Eat your heart out.

This is when the real fun begins. NOT! My mom is such a worrier that it turns me into a worrier. When she rides me about the kids and safety, I get all gnarley. As you can tell, Jeff is having the time of his life listening to Judy!


Graden kept trying to light the wrappers from the poppers on fire. It was funny. He also did this bizar sparkler dance. It ended in the word "Fyyyya" (fire). Scary huh?

We walked down the street by the Bishops house. I guess theie cul de sac had crazy fire works! Did you see them Cherie? They were all done by the time we went down!
(um, crack kills Graden!)

It was a great day.

6 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Joleen said...

Love the new layout!!! :D

Leah said...

Oh Judi!! I miss your mom! Love the 4th and I'm drooling over them wings! Seriously I'm so hungry right now, thanks!

Cherie said...

Graden and his crack - Crack me up! ha Ha
Yes! The fireworks in our cul-de-sac were out of control this year. Our neighbor bought tons and lit them off with a blow torch - it was hilarious!
We did ours and then just sat and watched their show :D

Mark and Lachelle said...

Fyyyyya! Love it! And speaking of love, I'm in love with those wings!! Gotta have some! Need some. Now!

Natalie said...

Those wings made me so hungry! Looks like you guys had a great 4th!

dina marie said...

Bailey and I spent the 4th in the hospital with Bree and her new baby. We actually went up to the fourth floor and watched from the window for a bit. It was funny joining the wheelchair crowd that were all lined up along the windows. :) Definitely not as good as the real thing but Cannon is much more fun than anything in the world.

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