Thursday, July 29, 2010


We have really been taking advantage of the warm, scratch that, HOT weather. The pool in the backyard has saved us. I don't know what we did before we had it. The kids were in it all day for the first week. They all looked like drown rats. In a good way.

We have also uncovered a gem about 10 minutes away. Eagle Island State park. I used to go when I was little. It was kinda scummy then. The bottom of the water was all sea-weedy (yes, it's a word, my word). The beach was yucky and had awful horse flies. I have been hearing for the last few years about friends going and thought I would try it out. And yes, I am well aware of all the drownings that happen there.
Last Tuesday we decided to check it out with my sister and her boys. The girls were shocked that there was a beach so close to home! The cost is $5/vehicle and you can bring your own food and drinks. As we rounded the bend to the beach I was so happy to see that it was clean and so well groomed. The kids were all so excited too! We played and ate, built a sand castle, enjoyed the was bliss.
We went this week too. And we are going again on Monday. I would love to be able to take my kids to Roaring Springs, but let's be honest.....$$$$$$$$HELLO???? The cost is bananas.
Here are some pictures of our 1st trip. (Burke has yet to go, but will on Monday)
Hauling in all our goods!

Taylor Bug

Nattie Girl

Caillou. jk Graden John

Sand Castle 101


9 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Joleen said...

Told ya! ;D

Anna Beal said...

Thats it...I am so going there!! Is your pool small or big?

Mark and Lachelle said...

I need to go somewhere with a beach and water too!! Looks awesome! And Roaring Springs, I totally remember going there when I lived in Boise! I will agree, the $$$ is bananas...and I'm sure its even more expensive now, than it was 7 years ago!

Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...

That's funny! Graden totally looks like Calliou!:)

Cherie said...

Glad you are finding some water! It has been SO dang hot!!
I've been taking my kids to some of the different pools around the area - they all offer something a little different.
I used to take my kids to Eagle Island when they were all smaller - it does have a nice sandy beach. The continued drownings do freak me out a little bit but you just have to keep a closer eye on your kids.
It is a great deal!!

Leah said...

Fun! I love summer and spending time in the water with the kids. It's the only way to beat the heat! Graden is SO cute... Calliou, Haha love it!

bAiLeY said...

looks like fun! at least your not in 114 degree weather in AZ! horrible! but we are coming back next week! yay!

Natalie said...

Love the pool and "lake" pics! I miss roaring springs :) and Graden totally looks like Calliou!

Collett Family said...

Looks like you are finding good ways to beat the heat. I agree, Graden does look like Calliou. How funny.

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