Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{SeVeN the SeQuEl} * {Sping break}

Ok, so these pics are out of order. But I just don't have the gusto to fix it! So we are going to deal alright?
We had a great Spring Break! Jason was home all week, only had 2 wrestling practices so that was nice. And we were all healthy. Here are some things we did: Took the kids to McDonnies. I snapped this picture of Burke in the play area. The girls got him up there! He looks like an alien!

Played some kick ball out in the street. Worst $2.50 ever spent. The ball died a few hours later! Burke and Jason got some snuggle time it!

This is where I am bummed the pictures are out of order!! This was the cake my sister Jennifer made for the girls birthday party! It was deeeeeeeelish! And rainbow! HELLO!!!!!!!

The view of the cake! She topped it with the Lalaloopsy dolls! It was adorable!

Me and my new owl blanket that I paid $3.86 for at Fred Meyers.

More of the AWESOME cake! Um, this is Jason as guests were arriving! Trying to catch a nap in!

Grammy giving some pre-party back scratches!

Nattie waiting for hers! They both wore the aprons G'ma Blue made for them! So cute huh?

The top of the cake!

My table decor. I used the Fisher Price doll house my sister Megan got girls for their 3rd birthday! I am so glad we still have it! The little Lala dolls fit perfectly! It has been so nice to see my girls play with dolls again! Did you know that the average age girls quit playing with dolls in 1950 was 14? Now it is age 7. Sad huh? So you can see my happiness for them to be excited about dolls!

My sisters went in on their gift this year! They got them the large Lala dolls! Cute huh? Jason and I got them pillow pets. A major favorite with them!

We also got the girls Leapsters. And one game. We took one back the night they got them because it did not work right. Then the next day the batteries were dead. They were also way too easy for them too. So we took them back and got this Wii game! It is so fun! They all love it!

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

So glad you guys had a fun spring break and I wish i would have looked down the street to see your ball game!
That cake is AWESOME - I think it is every child's dream!

Leah said...

I cannot believe that cake! It's awesome!!! Happy Birthday girls!!! Love those cute dolls. I've never heard of them?? Maybe I need to get "with it!"

Synergy Girl said...

SUPER CUTE cake...like WOW...!!! I want a cake like that for MY birthday!!!!!!! And I love your owl blankie...so you!! Happy Spring...love your new bloggy look...so fun!!

Mark and Lachelle said...

Hooray for Spring breaks!! Gotta love em! And speaking of love, I LOVE that cake your sis made!! Are you kidding me?! I wish I were that talented!

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