Monday, March 14, 2011

*Silly and Sopping Wet*

March is a busy month for us. The girls birthdays, Spring Break, etc. This year we are doing a family party. We decided to do a friends party on the "even" years. They saw these dolls at Walmart and really liked them. LalaLoopsy dolls. So my sister is going to make a cake for each of them of a doll head. Kinda creepy when I word it like that! :)

Burke was attacking Graden the other night! It was awesome! Then he would scream! Love those dorks!

This is a shining mother moment I would like to share!
I did not realize it was raining and the girls walked home in it. I secretly think they loved walking in it. I told them to make a sad face!

Burke and I playing footsie!

Jason had not been home on a Saturday morning in MONTHS! He has had wrestling for what seems like forever. So Burke took advantage of Daddy in bed!

Saturday was beautiful and the big kids headed outside. Poor Burke is just too little to go out unattended like them. He heads straight for the road. He is so tiny I am sure a car would not see him. Or the driver in the car is what I mean! ;)

THE STREAK! My little wiggly man likes to be naked. So I let him run around for a while one morning. He took his diaper and made a run for it! I love that naked butt!

Homemade fries? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is good.

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Kendra said...

Ok...doll head cakes do sound a little creepy, but I bet they will be cute. And is that your new couch?! The red one...ok...where did you get it...I am a bit jealous...that is the exact couch that I want...couch envy! and of course who doesn't love a little baby butt action?!

Andrea Cutler said...

Super duper cute buns! I love reading your blog...I could hear your voice in my head saying the line about the boys being dorks! You are too funny!

Angie said...

I recognize that couch...we just bought the brown one last week! LOVE IT!!! Your kids are adorable...:) Wish we lived close so we could get together!

bAiLeY said...

i LOVE your kid!

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