Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Boom and a Crack.....

We had so much fun visiting with Candace and the kids! I am even more excited that they are coming back in August! We enjoyed the pool, s'mores and lot's of laughing!

My friend Dina has a cupcake business called Crazy Cupcake Lady! Every Sunday night she designates a place and posts clues or pictures on FB. The first 2 people there get the cupcakes. It was rather fun! We came in 2nd and enjoyed delish Andes Mint cupcakes! Although there was some speculation we cheated....I assure you it was all on the up and up :) Thanks CCL for the fun night! This is her daughter Bailey in the Victory Picture with us!
Our friends the Miner's invited us for a swimming/BBQ party. We had a blast and a close call, but all was fine! Brandon is actually Jason's new boss. He won't be working at Centennial next year. Sadly, not coaching either. With his school schedule for BSU, we would not see him until the weekends. So we had to make some sacrifices and coaching was one. Jason was truly broken hearted about it. But I am thankful he put us first. Thanks honey.....

I am in love with Lilly. She reminds me sooooo much of Natalie and Taylor when they were her age!
This is BAILEY! (as previously posted) She hung out with us for a while before fireworks last night. We headed to her house and sat in the drive way to watch all their crazy neighbors literally light the road on fire. It was fun though! Good times! Thanks Gardners for having us!
And last but not least. During our YW's meeting we were talking about Trek and what needs to be done to get ready. I mentioned that I have got to QUIT drinking Diet Pepsi or I am going to be crippled by headaches while Trekking! Well. In case you are ever in the same room as Dina Gardner and Ursula Tingey......Don't mention that you need help quitting something. Cause these two ladies are NOTHING BUT A HUGE HELP. ;)
Ursula came straight to my house and confiscated my stash. SERIOUSLY. My world was NOT refreshed. It's all for the best. The next day was hard, but by today, I am drinking lot's of water and seem to be on my way!

5 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

Well you guys have just been having loads of fun - That's what summer is all about!

You are smart to quit the diet Pepsi. When we went on Trek last time I did the same thing (quit) but one of the other Bishops wives didn't and she actually had her stash of Dr. Pepper with in a little cooler. It was kind of embarrassing for her. Better to go without!

Candace said...

Love the new blog design! Super cute! We seriously had the best time with you guys..maybe next time can we just stay at your house? Jason won't mind, right?? I'm so proud of you for kicking the pepsi..I know you can do it..it will trek even better! love you so so much!!!

Leah said...

Good idea to give up the pepsi before the big trek... You can resume after, right?!! Jk! Proud of ya!

Synergy Girl said...

Look at all your summer fun-ness...!!! We need to have some more of that...together!!

Jenny said...

Treasure hunts for cupcakes! Geez! What a cool idea!

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