Thursday, June 30, 2011

ToOt ToOt~~~

That is the sound of my own horn. Cause I'm tootin' it! We met our Trek families for mutual last night. Jason and I had delivered cookies the Sunday prior to introduce ourselves. The kids were all delightful. There were only two boys that were not home. At mutual we were to make our family flag for during trek. It's to identify your family. We also have blue bandanas. We also had to make a verse to The Handcart Song. The guys actually worked on that and did a GREAT job. They came up with this for the first verse:

Then the chorus is: (this part is the same for everybody)
For some must push and some must pull, As we go marching up the hill;
So merrily on our way we go, Until we reach the Valley-O.

As for our flag, I really had no idea what we were going to do. So we went to Walmart and as I looked at some fabric I had a great idea. I was a tad intimidated. Mostly because some of the flags I had seen prior were incredible. But I presented to the kids and they loved it. We cut out all the pieces there and I came home and started hot gluing. (I bought iron on fabric glue and it did not work. Why I stray from hot glue I have no idea. It's a gem every time!)

The people/handcart are all hot glued on. Then for the letters I used Heat n Bond. I cut out letters with my Cricut. I am so proud of the way it turned out. I put our names on it with a fine tip marker and then added some detail.
I know it is probably over the top, but it makes me happy. The work was minimum, and overall I think the kids will love the flag.
Jason and I are in front of the flag. We are the host family for Bishop Berg and his wife. They will make camp with us and eat with us if they want. We are to also include them in family activities.

We have been collecting our supplies. And to our surprise we actually had a majority of what was needed. The clock is ticking and we are so excited to go! We also have a big family reunion the week before, so July is going to be crazy for us!

7 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

bAiLeY said...

yay!! it looks so cute! i think it turned out better than we even imagined! i am sooo happy that you guys are my ma & pa! i am the luckiest girl on the trek! ;)

Cherie said...

Your flag turned out SOOO cute!! I love it - I love how it represents your whole family!
Your verse is so fun too!!
You guys are going to have THE BEST time - Trek rocks!!!!

Laura said...

You'll be the best Ma ever! I hope Mason gets one half as fun as you for his trek!

Tonya said...

that is a snazzy flag! I am dying to find out more about where you're going and everything! And... we can loan supplies if you need any, although I doubt we have anything that you don't! So exciting!

Leah said...

That is so cute, I love your creativity! Wish I had a little more of that.

Synergy Girl said...

So awesome that you get to be a part of that...someday...I will trek...I have missed it a couple times, but I know it just wasn't "my time"...I know you are gaining such a testimony out there...totally awesome!!!

Jenny said...

You really do some cool stuff. Love your creativity on the flag!

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