Friday, February 17, 2012

Lot's O' Lov'n

What a fun day we had!  

February 14th 2002 was a very special day for me.  I officially met Jason.  Unofficially I had heard my room mates talk about some guy named "Blue", but had yet to meet him.  
I woke up 10 years later to a Valentine's Day note on my bathroom mirror wishing me a happy day.  And then on the seat in my van he wrote a note that said:
"A 10 years ago today I met my best friend".

It was rather TENDER.  I loved it because it did not say "My sexy lover", or "my hot wife".  But more referred to me as his BEST FRIEND!  Oh how that melted my heart. I mean, I am glad I am all those "other" things to Jason too, ;), but being his best friend means more than anything!  

I had plans for the kids today, but Jason and I were going to have to celebrate later cause Tuesday is his late class night.  And some doofuss decided to call a study group that night.....VALENTINES DAY.....from 8-10pm.  Are ya kidding me????

I was totally shocked when Jason asked me to meet him down by the campus for a quick dinner!  WHAT!!!  ME?????  OH JOY!!!!!!  

I was even more shocked when instead of taking me to Chili's (our trusty favorite) he took me to the EXACT place we met a decade ago.  Smoky Mountain Pizza and Pasta on Park Center!  Oh I almost cried!  I could not believe that he thought of that!  We were so close to BSU, but I had not even put it together!  In celebration of our love, we tipped our waitress $10.  :)  

I woke up to these two smiling cheeseballs.  

Treated the boys to some "rings" for lunch!

Graden passed out in a Valentine Coma after school! 

We bought the kids all new swim suits for the special day.  I loved it cause it was fun and practical!  Getting us ready for Spring and Summer!  

I hope you felt love this day.  

I posted on FB earlier in the day (prior to my invite for dinner with the hubs) this:

"I don't need flowers, or candy, or a hot date....I have eternity"


4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

Ahhhh It is so wonderful when husbands remember the important things on their own! Mr. Blue sounds like a romantic :-D

Collett Family said...

I love it! What a fun, special day. Way to go Jason!

Leah said...

What a sweet Valentines day! I can't believe it's been 10 years since you two met. I totally remember that day!! Jason scored some major points with the dinner surprise... what a sweetheart, he's definitely a keeper Alli!!

Synergy Girl said..., you almost had me tearing...!!! I love that you guys do stuff for the kids too! We do that, but it's been a new thing for Brian, they didn't do that as a family growing up...hey, gotta spread the love around!!!

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