Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week One. In. A. Nutshell.

I'm still standing! I haven't taken a nap in over a week. I'll treasure my Sunday nap that much more now!

My first week of school was simply awesome. I've learned so much in 5 days. 

I can do hard things:  Finger waves. (These have a million miles to go!)

I'm really good at certain things:  And that's ok. I refuse to dull my shine, just because others are struggling. I will however, offer help to those in need, and want my help. 

I'm not too old for this:  I'm the same age, or younger than several other future professionals. We want to start a club for gals 30+ called the Golden Girls. As long as I'm Rose. 

F.A.C.E is a motto at the school. I like it. 

It's ok to have realistic dreams:  Maybe I am dream crusher. I don't know. I have no desire to be a stylist to celebrities. (That's a common dream to the 18 year old demographic) (more power to them!!) I am so happy to stay in MY Idaho. I am so happy to do hair of my friends, and family, and little old ladies that want a shampoo set. My dreams are wrapped up in my family. 

I have had such a blast this week!!! I couldn't love school more. I know that it will get hard. I accept the challenge. 

I plan to absorb any opportunity that comes my way. 

I want to earn a trip to Caper in Las Vegas in 2015. I have to sell 45 Paul Mitchell bags that are filled with awesome product! I can do it. And I will. 

I also want to travel to New York with a small portion of the student body. I will work hard to save the money to go. We will learn from the best. I can't wait! 

Thanks for supporting me along my way. I hope you enjoy the journey with me!!

This is Laura Beth. She was one of my YW. She asked me to do her hair for her Senior Prom. Happily, I obliged. 


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