Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm back!

This is going to be a huge post. Sorry! I wanted to start out by telling you all what's new at our house!
*Jason got a promotion at work! AWESOME! It has been a great job so far! Yes, the hours are less desirable than normal, but he hung on and quickly moved up and now is some what in charge. Which leads me to my next honorable mention.....
*I get to quit! Actually I already did! OCT 24 is my last day! Not that I am counting! I cannot wait! Til then I will start taking Mondays off as well. Jason needs those to work during the day! HOLA! I can't wait to get my life back!
*My cousin September cut the girls hair! We have been talking about it for a while, and decided to go for it! They look so much older now! Natalie decided she wanted bangs like me! That will help in the "who's who" game! They love it! Thanks SJ!
*NeW CaLlInG! Jason was called to be the "financial clerk" in our ward! It will be very interesting how it all works out! Tithing settlement is smack in the middle of wrestling season! He was told in his blessing when he was set apart that he and his family would be blessed because of this calling! I hope so! It was actually kinda sad not having him come home with us on after church! (Especially to see his face when he got home and dinner was still in the oven!) Sorry Jab!
~The pics are just of the last week or so! Graden is growing up so fast! Like father like son! He wants to be just like dad! When I was pregnant with him we used to BLARE the song "watchin' you" by Rodney Atkins! The song is really coming true! Every time I get Graden out of the van I head in only to have to go back out to find him. His has figured out how to climb up on Daddy's blue mower! I actually caught him with a smile!
I also wanted to post pictures of our Wednesday tradition. THE LIBRARY! We go and get books and movies and play on the computers! Way fun!
The other pictures are of my mom's reaction to the girls hair! I knew she would cry, but it was still worthy to get on camera!


9 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Mark and Lachelle said...

MY neck belongs to Edward also! So imprint THIS! Oh wait, Jacob is the one that imprints......anyway LOVE the girlies new hair!! It is so cute on them! Leah also told me to look at one of your friends' blogs, who is a photographer, and took your family pictures. They are gorgeous pictures! You should post them on your blog!!! You got yourself a good lookin family :)

Natalie said...

I love the girls new haircuts and you need to post some of your family pictures cause they are amazing! Congrats to Jason about the new job promo! That is so great that you get to quit! I bet you are so excited. And Graden is absolutely adorable! I love his little facial expressions in every picture! Miss you tons!

sherman and juliette said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love your Wednesday tradition with your kids, how fun. The girls new hair cute is darling, and Graden on the lawm mower is too cute, he must be all boy!

Leah said...

I LOVE your mom! Those pictures captured my Judy so well. I love the girls hair too. They look so grown up and stylin'! Yeah you get to be a stay at home mom again! I bet you have missed it. It would be hard for me to go back to work after being home with the children for so long. So congrats that's awesome! I too take my kids to the library, they love it! Lana got me hooked on it. Plus I am a big book nerd lately!

Alli Blue said...

As to the posting of the family pics...... I will ASAP! I am getting the cd of pics from Laura on wednesday! Then I will do a face lift on my blog! I CANNOT WAIT!

Tonya said...

WAHOO! you can quit! And your girls' hair is so cute! And cool new calling Jason has! And awesome that he got a promo! And I'm glad you finally put up a new post! And your family pics are SOOO stinking cute! And . . . and . . . I guess that's it but yay for you guys!

Emily said...

I am checking out your blog and can i just say how cute your little family is. I love how small the blogging world really is, keep in touch. Emily

Joleen said...

I'm so excited that you'll be staying home soon!! My kids keep asking when they'll get to play with your girls again!! They love playing at your house! :D
We'll have to get together and play in the "park" by your house before it gets too cold!

Craig and Cynthia Shannon said...

That is so awesome you can quit and stay home with your kiddies. How nice. I remember how sad you were when you had to go back to work. I love the girls hair cuts. Busy life is fun huh.

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