Monday, October 6, 2008

tag, i'm it! (thanks claire)

6 quirks..........

ONE~ I am a diabolical split end picker. I can pick until my fingers are numb. I even pick at church. Sometimes I will be soooo zoned in on my spilt ends Jason will shove my arm and I could fall off my chair. This is a huge one!

TWO~ I always lock the door behind me. In the car, house, bathroom, wherever! Another one that kills the husband.

THREE~ I take scalding hot baths. Lobster baths as I call them. I turn bright red!

FOUR~ I cannot sleep without my body pillow and my head between two pillows! Talk about some serious bed head!

FIVE~ I smell EVERY piece of laundry as I am either putting it away, or folding it! Gain and Downy baby! It's my one luxury! Name brand laundry fixin's!

SIX~ My favorite beverage first thing in the morning is an ice cold Pepsi. ccciiissss! Here the fizz baby!

I hereby tag: Jennifer L and Megan C (there ya go sisters!)

1 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Leah said...

HaHa! I totally remember you and your body pillow! You were also the one who got me hooked on Pepsi. Remember the pepsi machine right outside our first apartment??!! Those were some good times!

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