Monday, October 13, 2008

Great Idea that Worked!

I live by a To-Do list. I make one out almost everyday that I don't work. Laundry, dishes, store, whatever. Well, I got up this morning and we had a lot to do. I wanted the girls help which is like pulling teeth. DING! This is a light bulb moment! I got out my cute pad of paper that I got for my birthday(the girls are not allowed to use it, it would have been gone months ago!). I called Taylor over and asked HER to pick 5 chores that she would like to do. I wrote them out with little to no probing. I drew a picture next to it so she would remember what it was. At the end I asked what the reward should be. She wanted to walk to the park.(it was actually nice today so that worked). I repeated the process with Natalie.
Yes, there was some wasted time, but for the most part they crossed off or X'd each item as they went!
I fixed lunch and then we headed to the park!
Thought I would share! They loved it cause the chores were their ideas! Woot!

6 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Mark and Lachelle said...

Hey, if I make a cute list with pictures, do you think Natalie and Taylor would come do chores for me too?!

Joleen said...

Devin wanted to know where you guys were going when we drove past you....when I told him I didn't know he just couldn't understand why I didn't know! 'Cause you know- Mom is supposed to know everything right?!?!

Natalie said...

That is a great idea! You are an awesome kidding, your kiddos are so lucky! LOVE YA!

Leah said...

You are such a fun, cute, creative mom! I wonder if that will work with Jace?? I must try it! :)

The Greene Gang said...

Hey Allison-it's Katie Greene-I hope it is ok I am imposing on your blog! I saw your link from Joleen's blog. Your kids have grown so much-still as cute as ever!!! It sounds like life is still hoppin' for you guys and treating you well! Our blog is private, but I'd love to send you an invite-I just need your email. Joleen has mine and can give it to you.

Danny and Laura said...

Great idea! the park pics are very cute. I tagged you on my blog!

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