Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two Thousand Eight~ a year in review

"In the year TWO THOUSAND(and eight!)"

This is a compilation of all the things that we have been through this year:

  • January~ I was still working at the bank. Things were going great. I was making life long friendships with Andie and Brock.

  • February~ We took Graden to the doctor for a check on his ears. Only to find out he had RSV. He received a breathing treatment there and we did not have to admit him to the hospital. I stayed home from work, slept on his floor and gave him treatments every few hours for 3 days. It was hard on all of us. He is a trooper and was fine a few days later!

  • March~ Happy 4th Birthday Natalie and Taylor! We celebrated with G'ma and G'pa Blue and all of my family! A princess themed party! The girls answered the door in full Princess gear! It was a hit! I was also called to be the 1st counselor in the YW. Best calling ever!

  • April~ My sweet baby boy is ONE? How could this be? With working I really missed 6 months of his 1st year! Every picture taken this day Graden has a somber face! I love all the pictures! He would not even touch his cake! That's my boy! Too cool!

  • May~ Jason is now working for The Burton Group (Top Flight Janitorial). It is hard getting used to not seeing him. I would pull up from work and he would go to work. Having a job is a blessing. Any job!

  • June~ I get to transfer to a branch closer to home! It cut the miles in half. I had to leave behind my friends. That was the worst part. Jason is working nights and mowing during the day. Due to the economy, we have very little clients.

  • July~ Happy 4th of July! And welcome to BLOGGING! This is when my friends Natalie and Laura really gave me the push to get my blog going. Now look what they have done! Created a MONSTER!!!!!!!! My blog is one of the best things that happened to me. It's my creative outlet. And I got my sisters and a few friends blogging too! I also got to go to Girls Camp! The best week ever!

  • August~ My 10 year reunion and my 6 year anniversary with Jason! The kids are all healthy and it is HOT outside!

  • September~ Graden takes a spill at Aunt Julie's house, I get to leave paint the town early with Andie and take him to the hospital for a little super glue and a new teddy! Later that same week, it popped open again, same hospital, another new bear! (there is an easier way to get stuffed animals!) Had all the Blue side Ladies come to Boise for the Womens Fitness Walk! (RAIN!!!!!)

  • October~ The plan is in the works for me to quit! I am holding my breath because it was a long time coming! On the 23rd I had my prayers answered! I was home. G'ma Blue came for Halloween! Lot's of fun that mild night!

  • November~ Jason is working full time and wrestling season has started! Busy family but we are making it work!

  • December~ Santa was good to us! We have steady work, healthy kids and a roof. Granted it's not our roof, but a roof none the less!


3 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Joleen said...

What a great idea! I may just steal it! ;D

Keri Blue Photography said...

I didn't realize that you were home again! Congrats!!!

Natalie said...

You have had such a busy year! I hope this year is just as great! Glad you are so happy! Love ya!

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