Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Burke 3D

Burke's 3D debut!

I had my 30 week ultra sound today and the tech decided to do a quick 3D because of where he was positioned. He is breech so I guess it makes it easier. All my kids have been breech. I guess they figure I am getting a C-section so why not just be how they want! :)

6 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Waldron's said...

That is so cool I wish I could have got that done. He is cute!!! Can't wait to see him

Waldron's said...

Love the name as well. You guys did good.

Danny and Laura said...

What a cute little face that guy has! Awwww!

Leah said...

Can't wait to see him!!

Natalie said...

He looks pretty stinkin cute!

Laura said...

What a cute baby. Can't wait to meet him. Love the name too!

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