Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween 2oo9

Ok, so when I bought these costumes I had no intention of the girls being "Devils". I was going to morph them into witches that turn their oh so sweet Prince Charming brother into a Frog. Or "Fraup" as Graden called himself. Needless to say, I never got around to changing the costumes. The girls enjoyed the BIG HAIR and Scary make up! Although not when it came time wash it off in the shower!

This may be wierd but I think the girls look so beautiful in this picture. I don't know if it is because they were so happy to be Trick or Treating, or what!

My dear sweet "Fraup" did not last very long. Even though the weather was great, he lolly gagged at every house while the girls almost ran. He was perfect for my waddling pace, but once we rounded back the corner and he saw our house, he was more than happy to hand out candy with Jason.

This is one of the houses we had to drive by everyday after school to look at the decorations! When the owner came to the door my mom asked about the yard decorations. I guess her husband cuts them out of wood and she paints them. The detail was awesome! Her kids are long grown, but they put these out for the neighborhood and the grandkids! They were great!

This house was the best. See the HUGE HAIRY SPIDER WITH RED BEADY EYES hanging above the doorbell? Well, you'll also notice only ONE Devil at the door. This one really freaked out Natalie! Taylor claimed her bravery and headed to the door. Only to lean super far to the right and KNOCK! It was so funny to watch! She did not take her eyes off the spider the entire time!

The girls and Grammy and the creepy skeleton kid on the tricycle.

The proud owners of TOO MUCH FREAKING CANDY!

We did have a great time. I was so proud of how kind and polite the girls were at each house. Taylor started throughing in a "Happy Halloween" and thought she was amazing!

9 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Tonya said...

CUTE ! I love it. And hey the idea of the witches and frog was great even if it didn't really end up happening. Looks like you guys had a great time!

Andrea Cutler said...

Saw a great idea for too much freaking candy....make a Thanksgiving advent calendar and put a piece of candy on each day! We are making them today after school...I will email you a link for a cute turkey they can color for the top, then, just make a calendar and you are good to go!

Danny and Laura said...

I don't know if I would have braved the spider door either. Eeewwww! The girls turned out to be cute devils and Graden, a very cute Fraup!

Mark and Lachelle said...

Those costumes are freakin awesome!! And how awesome are you for taking those kids trick or treating, being due in like a week! Love all that candy too. Share the love!

Radka said...

Hello, you have a very nice blog, and your photos are very beautiful, I wish a nice day, Radka.

Laura said...

The girls looked so pretty. So glad you guys had a happy & safe Halloween too.

Jennifer A. said...

Love your blog! Your kids are adorable. I remember when I as about due with my second, I took my daughter trick-or-treating and thought I was going into labor but it was false alarm...I was just walking alot and forgot to drink fluids that day with all the festivities. They gave me water an sent me home. (How depressing!) Glad to see your hanging in there- just 8 more days!!!

Natalie said...

Their costumes are all so cute! The girls look so adorable!

Leah said...

Nat and Tay looked super cute! Can you believe all the candy kids get??! Your nephews costume is so awesome... I love it! haha

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