Monday, June 28, 2010

Cousinpalooza 2010 One hella of a time!

Let me just start by saying that this is the face I got when Graden learned that he was going to be able to PEE on a tree while camping! Enough said!

My sister Megan reserved a camping spot for her family and my other three sisters about 5 months ago. My mom took Burke for the weekend and we packed up the van and headed to Lowman, Idaho. We stayed at the Mt. View Camp Ground. I took my camera and of course, captured it all on film. I mean......on digital bites. Whatever!

Hitting the road. 2 hours after the planned time! ;)

Uncle Jeff and Jason putting up Casa De La Blues!

Noah and Graden were great buddies the entire time!


My babe of a husband! I cannot get over how handsome he is. I love that man.


My sweet Natalie! She is really into the "head band braid" right now. She is such a bright little girl! Even with marshmallow in her face!

Taylor really digs the S'mores too! She was a great little camper!

Ok, I just LOVE this picture. For whatever reason I call Graden "shark bait". I think it is because he has sooooo many teeth that you can see when he smiles or talks. This is a prime example!

The cousins loved this big rock formation. They were always climbing it! Even Graden made it up a few times!

I was also able to haul my huge butt up there too!

Mama and G.

The kids colored a lot too! Very fun!

My nephew Sam was drawing portraits of his family. Jason's of course had a singlet and huge muscles!

There was a game or two of "gold fish" as my kids call it.

One of many nature walks. We found these twin trees. Like my girls.

This is Claire "Crack Kills" Cox. Need I say more?

I MADE them sit by each other!

Cold Sunday morning! I think Graden looks like ET!

Our own little fire!

Um, ready to go I think!

All the cousins (minus Burke, plus "Stick" Austin's friend)

Poor Caitlin!

This is a sure sign of good camping!

Did I mention it was beautiful?

I heart Idaho.

7 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Angie said...

Oh, the real mountains. I heart Idaho too.

Laura Blue said...

love camping. love taylors short hair. love natalie's braids. love graden's shark teeth. love the crack. love smore's! love a weekend without baby. love family time!

Thank you, Laura said...

Wow, you guys had lots of fun! Your kids are the cutest ever. I can't wait to camping next month.

Natalie said...

How fun! I want to go camping. Looks like all the kids had such a great time and the place looks beautiful!

Laura said...

Where did you go camping? It looks like a nice place, and lots of fun. Camping with family and cousins is always a blast!

Anna Beal said...

I'm so jealous! I love to camp, but it will not happen for me this year. Thanks for sharing...I loved the pictures.

Leah said...

Now I can finally tell the girls apart with their different hair styles! They are getting so big and turning into such ladies!! Loved all the pics. Kinda makes me miss Idaho and all it's beauty!

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