Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long time gone~

I know you missed me right? Just an FYI, our computer crashed so I have to go to the library to use theirs. Ghetto, and I only make it like once a week. If I am lucky. We are all alive and well. I have wonderful friends who I adore, my girls are no longer in Kindergarten, Burke is 7 months old, and Graden is no longer potty trained. We have a lot going on.

The Lord is continuing to bless our little (kinda) family. Jason has a full time job next year at Centennial, and mowing is pickng up. I earned a trip to Utah through Cents of Style to see Eclipse and have an awesome girls weekend. I worked hard for it!

I love my husband, my peeps, and am staying a float. :) What more can one ask for. Ok, a million dollars? Sounds good!


4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Joleen said...

We've missed you!!! Hope you are not without a computer for long!

Angie said...

Um, Utah? When and where. Maybe I'll just happen to be at the same place...:)

Kirsten said...

Utah to see Eclips eh..... TAKE ME WITH YOU :)

Collett Family said...

I am glad you earned your trip. Good for you! I am sorry your computer crashed. Enjoy the summer with the kids!

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