Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tonsils and Tooth Fairies!

I am not neglecting my kids right now by blogging. They are resting, and I am eating pizza that my friend Jacki brought over and I don't want to eat in front of them. That would just be evil. I do however want to document this day. Some pretty funny things happened and I want to remember them.

This is them, bright eyed and bushy tailed (oblivious to the next few hours) at 7 am. I did not sugar coat the events either. I told them very bluntly that the Dr was going to put them to sleep, get a really sharp tiny knife and cut out pieces of the back of their mouth. (and yet knowing this, they still look like this driving there).... Go figure.

Oh so happily waiting in the pre-op room.

At some point we realized that Graden was not going down without a fight. So they gave him a "happy drink". I gotta get my hands on that stuff. Watching Graden was like watching a stampeding crazed circus elephant get shot by a tranquilizer gun. Pretty soon that elephant starts swaying, maybe even cracking a smile, and then...BOOM. Down for the count. We laughed so hard at him. It was just too funny. I will post videos too. (Yes, I am that mom). He kept trying to "catch bugs". We never saw these "bugs". But he sure did. He also became gassy like no other. It was AWFUL. It's like the relaxer went straight to his butt cheeks. P E E E E E U U U U !

My girls are generally sweet to each other, but especially today.

They got bubbles went they took Graden back.

Check you later tonsils. And teeth????? See those 2 very cattywhompus teeth in Taylor's mouth? Well, we hinted to the Dr that IF by CHANCE they FELL out, we would be SUPER happy. Low and behold the hospital had the tooth fairy on speed dial and while Taylor was out, BOINK! They were out! Once she woke up I showed her the cup and asked if she knew what they were. She said.....
"Are those my tonsils?"
I wish kid!

The ladies

Lovin' daddy.

These are of after. My kids did AWESOME! The girls were picture perfect. Sad, and a little teary, but GREAT~

Graden on the other hand was a bit harder. Because he had the "happy drink" it took him 3 times as long to perk up. We was a hot mess. And slobbery. Sorry Dad!

Taylor woke up the best out of all 3. Good job bug!

On the drive home I was just SO proud of all of them. The staff loved them, they were just so good. I told Natalie that they were the BEST KIDS EVER. She then replied...
"Like just today, or all the days?"

Taylor and her squirt bottle. It's working miracles btw. Popsicles are too cold, so water and juice is all they want for now. And Sprite.
A smile from Nat.

Up to this point Graden WOULD NOT swallow. Jason just told me that he is eating an Otter Pop. A small victory.

8 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Leah said...

Wow, what a day! I can't believe all 3 of your kids had to go through that. Hopefully you won't have any more problems. They are all such angels and look so sweet. Hope they recover fast. Give them hugs for me!! (LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair btw!)

Laura Blue said...

Glad the kiddos did so well. Can't wait to check out the video of Graden. I hope it goes well the next few days.
Ps. I'm LOVING your new do!

Waldron's said...

I am so glad the kids are doing well! They are so sweet in all the photo's I sure miss them. I wish I was there to help you guys out. You guys are great parents and are doing a great job with those kids. Love you guys

Candace said...

They are sooo sweet I just love them! They are troopers! And you and Jason too=) I'm so glad everything went so well. We will miss playing with you guys the next couple days! Call me for anything!!

Laura said...

I'm glad everything went well for them. Hopefully they got a good night sleep and are feeling a little better today. I so wish I could've been there for Graden's happy drink. "Drunk" kids are the funniest!

Collett Family said...

You are brave to have them all done at once. I am glad that all went well. I hope they feel better soon!

Natalie said...

I hope their recovery is going well! Love ya

jdbanry family said...

I just wanted to let you know that slurpies from 711 worked the best when I had mine out @30.

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