Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Bon Voyage of sorts~

When Jason was out of work a few years back, I went back to work for Key Bank as a Teller. I am thankful they let me come back. It was a good job for me. Pay was good, benefits, "bank hours". But the best part was my co-workers. These 2 people are the only reasons I survived for a year and a half of working full time.

Andie is in the middle. She is a beautiful firecracker that makes me laugh. Get the two of us together and we are a comedy duo that cannot be stopped. She works for Dillards now. Runs the boobie holder department as I like to call it. That is what she does all day. Lift women's boobies (pretty or not) into bra's for fittings. I think it takes a special person to do that! She is getting ready to graduate from Boise State this January, then move to Reno with her equally as funny boyfriend Bob. (That's really his name, not an alias ;) I wish them both the best of luck. And when there are weddin' bells, I will make the trek to Reno to shake a cow bell at them. And maybe shout things at them too. All good of course. :)
Brock is the handsome boy on the left. To be honest, words cannot really describe the friendship I have with this boy. We ended up having lunch around the same time each day. And our break room was rather small. So we would end up eating and talking for the hour or so. It turns out we were both LDS. And he was born and raised in Eagle, ID. My mom's brother Johnny Patten had raised his boys there as well. So Brock's dad was childhood friends with my cousin Jeffery. It's a small world in the Valley.
Brock was my supervisor and boy did I like to push his buttons. He was the best boss I ever had at Key Bank. Always stood up for his tellers, and knew the business inside and out. We have maintained our friendship even after I left the bank. About once a month he takes me out to lunch. He even came to see me with Andie after I had Burke and had made him the cutest fleece blanket. (It's still Burke's favorite cause it have fringed edges)
Brock's older brother Brain passed away the day before Thanksgiving this year. He sent me a text and told me that night. My heart broke for their family. I am so thankful I was able to attend Brian's service. It was beautiful~
So last night we met at The Cheesecake Factory and had a Bon Voyage dinner for Andie. I am so happy to have these amazing people in my life. Andie is like my fraternal twin sister and Brock is the bother I always wished that I had.

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Tonya said...

Aw! Old co-workers are the best. Isn't that so hilarious how well you get to know people you probably never would have been friends with if you'd met them randomly. Well, that's the case for me, anyway, those coworkers of yours seem pretty cool so it's probably not true for you. :P

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