Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fire Station #3

Graden's class was able to visit our local fire station on Tuesday!  I missed this field trip with the girls because I had gone back to work at Key Bank.  So I was thrilled to be able to go this time!  Jason even took the morning off to go with us as well.  

For the longest time when you would ask what Graden wanted to be when he grew up he would say "a fire truck!"  I'm sure this was his way of telling us a fire man.....I hope!  So this trip filled his face with joy!  He was thrilled, listened so well, and was just happy to be there!

Fire Station #3 is the one on Locust Grove just past Ustick.  When you call 911 for an emergency it will be this station that responds.  It will be Captain Tyler Rountree and his fellow fire fighters that will come to your aide.  Their door is always open, and treat are always welcome!  

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