Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nanny McPhee VS Natalie

And the winner is??????????


We have been battling Nat's "Nanny McPhee" teeth for weeks now.  I'm not a yank them out kinda mom.  I've had friends offer....but I felt too bad for Nat.  
But durning the shenanigans of Saturday morning chores Burke bumped her in the mouth with his elbow really hard.  The craziest one fell right out.  But it left on lone catty whom-pus tooth.  SO I YANKED IT!  Then screamed at the top of my lungs!!  And gagged a little!  

Now the battle has begun.  Taylor thinks it's totally "not fair" that she lost both her teeth on Trunk or Treat day.  Nat tried to make it better by saying she might lose both of hers on Christmas.  One can hope right??  

0 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

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