Thursday, December 22, 2011

December in Parts

December has been so busy!  I love it.  But also wish I had a clone that I could split my responsibilities with.  

I'll post more after Christmas, but here are some pre-christmas shenanigans that I got into!!!

Our Annual Relief Society White Elephant gift exchange!  This was the first, and most hilarious gift of the night.  

Cherie was thrilled to get a Santa head!  


Graden participated in his preschool Nativity Program.  It's always amazing!  He was Joseph.  This was his list for Santa.  

Mary~Joseph~Baby Jesus

Do to the boy girl ratio, we had wise girls instead of wise men.  I love their costumes!  Very flashy ladies! 

On the same day I had the girls party at school to do.  I made a bazillion sugar cookies for them to decorate.  They had an art project and ate a huge feast of snacks too.  It was fun! 

The first day of vacation the girls were invited to a Gingerbread making party.  They had a terrible time......can't you tell?????  

Not sure what happened in Taylor's chimney, she says Santa exploded.  Ew. 

Nattie's says BSU on the door!  Kinda like our house!

I've enjoyed this time of year.  I don't always.  I know that it's because I started Christmas shopping in August.  We are on a tight budget, so spreading it out like that took a huge weight off my shoulders.  

We even added our own little family gift exchange into the mix this year.  It was tough all going out with each other, but we made it happen!  

2 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

That decapitated Santa was pretty dang scary!
Nightmare scary!!!!

Merry Christmas

Jenny said...

What a cute Christmas post! This really made me smile!

Thanks for being so Merry and Bright!

Happy New Year to you!

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