Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some "Ketchup"

Last Saturday was a busy one for us.  
Jason and I went to the Wyoming/BSU game.  It was beautifully sunny, but as soon as the shade hit us, I was more than grateful for the $1.24 I spent on 4 hand warmers from Walmart.  To say that I molested mine is a total understatement.  Like if I rubbed them more they would get hotter???  LOL! 

We came home for a moment of quiet, and then rushed off for a birthday party at Wahooz.  It was really fun, and I know it cost the parents a lot of money, so we blew our bedtimes out of the water and let the kids stay and play till 10!!  (If church were earlier than 11, I would have easily crushed those dreams.)

Our kids got to ride to Go-Carts.  
Have you ever thought for sure your kids COULD NOT do something only to totally blow your mind?  That is what the girls did.  I thought there was no way they would be able to drive.  By themselves.  Alone.  Without Jason or I.  Did I mention they would be manning a go-cart ALONE? 

Well they rocked it!  Did a great job!

Graden however was a wee bit too short to ride alone, so in the 30 degree weather, he and Jason hit the track!  

Burke and I spent a lot of time walking the arcade.  Burke touched every button, lever, handle, blinking light he could find. (And reach)... :)  We ended up on a bench waiting for Jason and the bigs' to get done with their second round of laser tag.  We watched videos on my phone, sang Once There Was a Snow Man.  It was darling.  
Then this kid sat down that looked somewhat like my nephew Mason.  I COULD NOT convince Burke is was not Mason.  He kept saying "Matin, Matin.."  And he was going to touch him!  I caught him just in time!

We all came home exhausted.  Totally.  But it was a great day!  

{Especially when Jason and I got on the WRONG shuttle back to the car....}

But I won't mention that!  Ha!

1 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

I read this last night on my phone and I so wanted to tell Burke that my name was Mason today! Ha J/K

Isn't it fun when the kids get old enough to start driving. Love your kids they are the cutest.

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