Monday, December 12, 2011

Tappin' away!

The girls started dance the beginning of the school year.  It was a tap/ballet/tumble class.  A friend in my ward teaches it.  They had their first recital on Saturday.  I think they were more excited to wear make up.  I told them they cannot wear it for real till they are in middle school.  Natalie quickly did the math.  She was not pleased.  

Here they are all ready to go! 

Taylor was super excited! She posed herself.  Should I be worried??? 

Natalie!  She was a little more unsure of how to pose!  But did great!

There were little girls as young as 2 dancing in another group.  It made me sad I never did it with the girls when they were younger.  Ugh...  Oh well.  This is the only "extra" thing they do.  But in March they will turn 8 and have activity days and start taking piano.  I may have to figure out if it's too much!  We'll see!  

7 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Angie said...

Ellie took a dance class when she was 4, and we made some really good friends thru that class...can't say she really learned anything before she made me let her drop out tho. :'( They look so excited! Love it!

Tonya said...

About that "extra" stuff.... being the piano teacher gives me lots of insight on when kids are doing "too much." Of course I am not their mom so I don't know everything that's going on in their lives, but in my experience if they're doing more than 2 "extras" it gets to be too much. That doesn't count mutual or activity days.... just like, piano and dance for example. It's once they start doing a sport on top of that.... and then band... and then drama....that gets ridiculous. And I feel bad for them because I know their parents just can't say no because the kids just want to do it all. Bu tI definitely don't think it benefits them! (Not that I think you'd be one of those parents! Just saying.) And btw the dance pics are SOO cute! I am dying for the day Ashlyn can start dance class.

Candace said...

They look so darling! I hope you got video of it because I want to see! They are getting so grown up! I can't believe their baptism is around the corner. You're a lucky Mom!

Cherie said...

How fun! They all look so cute.
Does Bri teach this class? I had no idea - that is cool and makes it a little easier for all the cute girls in our ward.

bAiLeY said...

so cute! i am sad i missed it!! i cant believe they are going to be 8! crazy! they are growing up too fast! soon they wont even need a babysitter :'( love ya!

Brittany H said...

They are the cutest girls ever. That's funny that they want to wear makeup haha, I think I was the same way.

Bri Nelson said...

They sure did a good job and are such fun girls to teach!!! Thanks for all your help with everything for the recital and pictures!!!!

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