Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dairy Days 2012

Summer has officially begun!  We as in the Dinger's, Shepherd's, Lord's, Orton's, and Bailey of course!  First we had a good old hot dog pot luck at the Dinger's to start the night off!  We usually get our spots pretty early, so Julie, Bailey and I headed over to lay some blankets down!  But with feeding as many as we did, we were late!  WE MISSED THE MILK!!!!  Whhhhaaaaaa!!  And we had to walk forever cause we missed the barricade by minutes!  It was still super fun though!  The kids all lined up on the sidewalk and scored on the candy!  All my kids got shirts too!  They are cute this year!   

Are you curious to why I have been blogging up a storm as of late?  
Well when I got my new camera and the software that came with it, it took off my iPhone software.  So I could not upload pictures from my phone!  So Jason fixed it for me!  And voila!  PICTURES GALORE!!!!!

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