Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ears are for Piercing

When I knew I was having girls I thought.......

"They will be darling babies with cute pierced ears!!!"

{Note to my single YW......that's a discussion you may want to have with Mr. Wonderful prior to having a baby girl....He may have other plans.  He may have a theory that they need to 1.  Be old enough to ask.  2.  Be old enough to take care of them themselves..... you catch my drift.  Hence the theories of MY Mr. Wonderful}

So I carefully pick my battles, and that one was not worth it.  I patiently waited EIGHT years.  After their birthday I started planting seeds about getting them done.  


We went to Claire's on Eagle Rd and had it done.  They did an amazing job.  And I will forgive who ever posted on FB that I should just have it done at Walmart.  I do have some standards people!  ;)

Natalie and I sat earlier in the day and watched YouTube videos of little girls getting it done.  

{Note to self.....may not have been a great idea in hind sight}

Taylor had gotten herself completely worked up over the whole thing.  She was crying before we got there.  

So as you can guess when the gal asked who was going first Taylor instinctively threw Natalie under the ear piercing bus.  

The pictures will tell the following events!  

They have been awesome about cleaning them everyday.  This was how they chose to spend their $20 in birthday money.  Daddy and I treated them to several pairs of earrings (Thank you 10 for $10 sale...), and an OWL earring holder.  In honor of their Mum. 

That is all she wrote......

0 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

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