Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

Camping 101 with the Blues:

1.  Borrow everything from ward members :)
We need to start collecting camping gear now that we can all go more.  

2.  Pack more crap than you'll ever need!  
You never know when you are going to need an "extra" watermelon and such and so on.

3.  Bring a space heater to potentially burn your "Occupy Boise" tent down.
Now, this did not actually happen.  Thankfully.  It was a HUGE lifesaver as Burke and Taylor couldn't figure out how to sleep IN their sleeping bags! 

4.  Go with friends that have a trailer.
They will hopefully take pity on your trembling, frozen 2 year old and let him come in and watch a movie.  

5.  Head into town.
Here you will amuse the locals by dawning antique Nellie Olson hats in musty shops.  

6.  Pepsi.
Bring enough to have one at all times.  You'll need a stiff drink as the neighbor children make BON FIRES.  

7.  Bring clippers.
You know.  So when your baby gets too close to the fire and scorches his hair you can rid the smell from your tent.  Trust stinks.  

8.  Have your twins dress the same. (If you have them...)
This makes for fun camp games as the other campers try to figure out who is who.

9.  Head count.
Don't forget that you came up with X amount of children.  At one point I forgot we even brought Graden.  


10.  Have enough fun that you'll want to go next year.
But not enough that you do it too soon.  

0 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

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