Sunday, November 23, 2008

mE n' tHe KiDdO's

I guess I am never really in any of the pictures with the kids. I thought I should change that! I also have no idea what is on Natalie's face..... ugh!

Everybody SQUEEZE!

People say that Graden and I look so much alike. I don't really see it. I guess I kind of do in this picture. Our eyes are almost the EXACT same color of hazel. Brown around the pupil and green around the outside. The girls eyes are like chocolate. Jason is still the outsider with his crytsal blues!

Say ChEeSe! I love my sweet boy! I will be sad when his teeth grow in! I adore all the gaps! It's hillarious when he smiles!

6 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Tonya said...

cuuute! You ready for the season to start? Too bad it already did! :)

Leah said...

You are so pretty.. I see where your kids get it! It's nice to get in the pics some of the time huh. It sucks cuz hubbies aren't too good at grabbing the camera and taking pics so us wives NEVER get any camera time.

Natalie said...

Love Graden's little smile! And I agree with are gorgeous! Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving.

Waldron's said...

Yeah it is your blanket you give it to me like almost 3 years ago (I think) We love it we use it all the time. If you want it back I can give it back. Let me know. :-)

Laura said...

Graden has such a cute smile! What's even sadder then the baby teeth growing in is when they fall out and the huge ones grown in.

Keri Blue Photography said...

He is adorable and YOU are beautiul!!!

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